Barb Wire

May 3rd, 1996


Barb Wire

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Still of Pamela Anderson in Barb WireStill of Pamela Anderson in Barb WireStill of Pamela Anderson in Barb WireStill of Temuera Morrison in Barb WireStill of Pamela Anderson and Xander Berkeley in Barb WireStill of Pamela Anderson and Temuera Morrison in Barb Wire

Post-Apocalyptic remake of "Casablanca" set in a strip club.

Release Year: 1996

Rating: 3.1/10 (13,305 voted)

Critic's Score: 40/100

Director: David Hogan

Stars: Pamela Anderson, Amir Aboulela, Adriana Alexander

21st century. USA. The second civil war. The whole country is in a state of emergency. What was formerly called the American Congress now rules with fascistic methods. There is only one free city left, Steel Harbor, headquarter for the resistance. This is the hometown of Barb Wire, owner of the night club Hammerhead. As times aren't good, Barb has a second job. She's a bounty hunter and you probably wouldn't want her after you. Barb's credo is to never take sides for anybody and that's the only way to survive these days. As her former lover Axel Hood appears asking for a favour, Barb suddenly finds herself to be key player on high political stage. Now she has to take sides...

Writers: Chris Warner, Ilene Chaiken

Amir Aboulela - Patron
Adriana Alexander - Redhead
David Andriole - Goon #2
Vanessa Lee Asher - Emily
Ron Balicki - Customs Agent #1
Jennifer Banko - Spike
Candace Kita - Dancer (as Candace Camille Bender)
Xander Berkeley - Alexander Willis
Tony Bill - Foster
Alex Bookston - Man in White Suit
Gil Borgos - Old Man
Andre Rosey Brown - Big Fatso
Mark Collver - Manny (as Marc Collver)
Tina Cote - Woman in Bar #1 (as Tina Coté)
Vinnie Curto - Aide to Pryzer

Taglines: No laws. No limits. No turning back.


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Release Date: 3 May 1996

Filming Locations: Long Beach, California, USA

Gross: $3,794,000 (USA)

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | USA: (unrated version)

Did You Know?

Although the film seems to contradict itself about what year it is set in (the year is twice said to be 2017 but later given as 2019) it is of course possible that over a year could have passed between the scene of Barb looking out at the city from the car and the torture scene.

Continuity: When Charlie says "I talk to Spike, or I talk to nobody," his necklace changes position between shots.

[an Asian stripper asks Barb a question in French]
Barb Wire: [not understanding] Come again?
Stripper in Dressing Room: [to Barb] She's Chinese.

User Review

Pam's got nice breasts.....and that's the end of the film


Barb runs a bar and is also a mercenary out for herself in the civil war. However when her ex-boyfriend Axel comes to se her she takes a job helping a scientist get across the country to expose a government cover up. However will she remain a mercenary or will she pick sides?

When people are famous for being naked – that's pretty much what they should stay doing. Do we want porn actresses doing serious Hollywood roles? No – let them stick to what they know. I'm not calling Anderson a porno star but lets be honest, she famous for having great breasts right? So how can we harness this star power? Lets put her in tight clothes in a futuristic remake of Casablanca!

The plot is a sheer rip off and still manages to be poor. It is only an excuse for tight clothes and silly big explosions. As a dumb Saturday night special it still barely cuts it for me, although it is noisy, if that's all you want.....

Anderson isn't an actress – if it wasn't for a good publicity agent and a boob-job, she wouldn't even be offered the roles that Shannon Tweed gets! She doesn't convince as an actress as she can't get above the range required by Baywatch – look scared, look happy, look sad, look determined, oh and poke out your boobs! The rest of the cast have nothing to do and it's a shame to see reliable bit part players like Howard and Xander Berkley appearing in this.

Overall it has some pretty explosions but really this is like a Playboy video – it's all designed for the purpose of capitalising on Anderson's body.......why should we be surprised that it does nothing else.


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