Black Water

February 22nd, 2008


Black Water

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A terrifying tale of survival in the mangrove swamps of Northern Australia

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 6.0/10 (4,995 voted)

Director: David Nerlich

Stars: Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda

While on vacation on Northern Australia, Gracie, her husband Adam and her younger sister Lee decide to take the Blackwater Barry tour in the swamp for fishing. Their guide Jim uses a small motor boat and takes the tourist along the river to a remote spot. When they stop, they are attacked by a huge crocodile that capsizes their boat and immediately kills Jim. The three survivors climb a tree and when they realize that help would never come to rescue them, they decide to try to find a way out of their sheltered location. However, in the muddy water, their boat is flipped and the crocodile stalks the trio under the water.

Writers: Andrew Traucki, David Nerlich

Diana Glenn - Grace
Maeve Dermody - Lee
Andy Rodoreda - Adam
Ben Oxenbould - Jim
Fiona Press - Pat

Taglines: What You Can't See Can Hurt You.


Official Website: Official site |

Release Date: 22 February 2008

Box Office Details

Budget: $700,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: AUD 16,730 (Australia) (27 April 2008) (3 Screens)

Gross: AUD 111,189 (Australia) (8 June 2008)

Did You Know?

One of two Australian crocodile movies made and released in 2007. The other picture was Rogue.

User Review

Simple but effective

Rating: 9/10

While many people found this film simply too slow and simplistic I really connected with it. There is no plot as such, rather the film takes the form of a human survival story about three people trapped up a tree with a man eating crocodile lurking somewhere in the water beneath them.

Personally, I thought the acting was mostly very good, despite the roles being quite demanding at times, and I felt a sense of warmth for the characters. The situation they were in was quite terrifying and I really felt nervous for them. I found the whole film quite nerve wracking because of the sheer helplessness of their situation and the constant threat to their survival.

The crocodile effects were handled surprisingly well for such a low budget film, and believe me, I have seen my fair share of dodgy croc movies. The creature moved well and had real menace and, although the audience I was with didn't seem too keen on the film as a whole, they still jumped and gasped whenever the crocodile appeared.

Script-wise, I would have made a few changes, particularly towards the end, but this was not a major problem. For fans of slow-burning survival horror set within the realms of reality this will be an engaging film but unfortunately I think for many audiences seeking a thrill ride and higher production values from their cinema experience the point will simply be missed.


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