Blood and Bone

September 20th, 2009


Blood and Bone

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Blood and Bone

In Los Angeles, an ex-con takes the underground fighting world by storm in his quest to fulfill a promise to a dead friend.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.7/10 (8,272 voted)

Director: Ben Ramsey

Stars: Michael Jai White, Julian Sands, Eamonn Walker

In Los Angeles, an ex-con takes the underground fighting world by storm in his quest to fulfill a promise to a dead friend.

Michael Jai White - Isaiah Bone
Julian Sands - Franklin McVeigh
Eamonn Walker - James
Dante Basco - Pinball
Nona Gaye - Tamara
Michelle Belegrin - Angela
Bob Sapp - Hammerman
Dick Anthony Williams - Roberto
Francis Capra - Tattoo
Ron Yuan - Teddy D
Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson - JC (as Kimbo Slice)
Gina Carano - Veretta
Maurice Smith - Fasthands
Ernest Miller - Mommie Dearest (as Ernest 'The Cat' Miller)
Kevin Phillips - Danny

Taglines: It's time to knuckle up.

Release Date: 20 September 2009

Filming Locations: 837 Beacon Ave, Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $3,700,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: LBP 1,102,307 (Lebanon) (9 May 2010) (4 Screens)

Gross: LBP 5,082,219 (Lebanon) (6 June 2010)

Did You Know?

According to the DVD commentary, the scene that used the song "Dance Hall Days" by Wang Chung was meant to use ABBA's "Dancing Queen", but "ABBA wasn't having that".

Crew or equipment visible: In the first scene where Kimbo and his companions are walking, the camera man's shadow can clearly be seen on the railing below.

James: I imagine several hundred years ago, a group of very powerful men, not unlike yourself, were out conquering the known world. So they get to Africa, feeling pretty good about themselves, definitely feeling superior to the savages they see running in the jungle. That is, until one of the brothers drops his loincloth. And then these powerful men, all of a sudden, come face to face, so to speak, with one of life's great inequities.

User Review

Michael Jai White IS The Movie

Rating: 7/10

What can you say? 'Blood and Bone' is a pleasant martial arts/drama surprise that handles us a pretty enjoyable ride during it's 90 minutes and a Michael Jai White in top form.

Directed by the one who wrote the infamous failure that was 'Dragon Ball Evolution', Ben Ramsey, the movie tells us the story of Isaiah Bone, an ex-con that takes the world of underground fighting by storm, in order to keep a promise to his late friend in prison.

With an interesting plot that explores the martial arts world combined with the underground fighting game and a 'surprise effect' sustained until the last twenty minutes of the film, Ramsey achieves to maintain the spectator on his chair until the end of the movie, mixing action and drama.

The fighting scenes are awesome, and not only Michael Jai White knows how to act, knows how to fight: he kicks ass (and also Van Damme's and Segal's ass too).

This is one of the best low budget action movies you can possibly watch in your life and if you're a martial arts fan then this will serve you well. It has excellent underground fighting matches that will blow you away. Michael Jai White rocks, and he IS the movie.



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