Celebrity Sex Tape

February 2nd, 2012


Celebrity Sex Tape

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Celebrity Sex TapeCelebrity Sex TapeCelebrity Sex TapeCelebrity Sex TapeCelebrity Sex TapeCelebrity Sex Tape

Release Year: 2012

Rating: 1.9/10 (170 voted)

Director: Scott Wheeler

Stars: Jack Cullison, Jonathan Brett, Colbert Alembert

Writers: Jonathan Haug, Patrick Sheehan

Jack Cullison - Ross Gans
Jonathan Brett - Ed
Colbert Alembert - Marcus
Howard Cai - Kwan
Andre Meadows - Doug
Julie Barzman - Kim
Amanda Ward - Melony Andrews
Emily Addison - Herself
Jamie Bernadette - Goth Chick
Tammy Klein - Born Again Actress
Jenny Lin - Gina
Christine Nguyen - Jilian Baines
Alex Arleo - Delaney
Anthony M. Bertram - Benny
Phillip Andre Botello - Scarface

Release Date: 2 February 2012

Box Office Details

Budget: $500,000 (estimated)

User Review

tna blackmail

Rating: 3/10

plot is a average tna the acting is good yes it has a plot but plot is flawed 4 kids snick in into a party while at the party the 2 of them wonder in a bed room. a drunken coked out ex-porn star comes in, they hide, she (amanda ward) starts doing coke. they record it with their cell phone. one of the boys comes out to meet her, she starts flirting with him she strips him and rides him.

they show all of this to some friends and it goes viral. Her managers comes to their hang-out tells them they better come up with $500,000 or he going to the police.

they decides to contact ex-porn stars who still need work to have with them and post on the internet with web page they built for money.

the plot is flawed because they filmed her doing coke and riding the minor, she broke the law.


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