Daniel the Wizard

August 12th, 2004


Daniel the Wizard

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Evil assassins want to kill Daniel Kublbock, the third runner up for the German Idols.

Release Year: 2004

Rating: 1.5/10 (9,089 voted)

Director: Ulli Lommel

Stars: Daniel Küblböck, Ulli Lommel, Rainer Amasreiter

Evil assassins want to kill Daniel Kublbock, the third runner up for the German Idols.

Daniel Küblböck - Himself
Ulli Lommel - Johannes Küblböck (The Wizard)
Rainer Amasreiter - Bass - The Küblböck Band
Frank Bazelt - Drummer - The Küblböck Band
Christa Bernt -
Martina Bottesch -
Rudolf Waldemar Brem - Baltazar the Angry
Pippo Culoso - Agent
Hannes Eberle -
Adele Eden - Rike
Peter Els -
Max Ernstweg -
Robert Fischer - Moderator
Walter Fischer - Guitar - The Küblböck Band
Roger Fritz - US Film Producer


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Release Date: 12 August 2004

Filming Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Technical Specs

Runtime: Germany:

Did You Know?

Many German theaters removed the film from their schedules after the first weekend, due to extremely low ticket sales and awful reviews.

User Review

Worst movie i've ever seen

Rating: 1/10

A week ago i watched Daniel der Zauberer. I wanted to give it a chance after all the bad reviews it had received. This foolish idea ended up being just a waste of my precious time.THe plot reads as follows: A boy who became famous through a TV show has problems with people who don't like his music. The main character is played by daniel kueblboeck, the new star from Germans pop idol (so Kueblboeck actually plays himself). After all I'm proud i made it through the movie. To be honest i only watched it till the end to write about it. The movie itself is so bad it almost hurts physically. So this is a warning : DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!! DO NOT GIVE IT A CHANCE!( unless you are either a masochist or a küblböck fan). Don't say i didn't want you. This movie should receive a 0 Voting instead of an awful.


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