Dark Blue

February 21st, 2003


Dark Blue

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Still of Michael Michele in Dark BlueStill of Kurt Russell, Michael Michele and Scott Speedman in Dark BlueScott Speedman at event of Dark BlueStill of Ving Rhames in Dark BlueStill of Ving Rhames in Dark BlueStill of Kurt Russell and Scott Speedman in Dark Blue

A robbery homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt LAPD officer to question his tactics.

Release Year: 2002

Rating: 6.6/10 (12,316 voted)

Critic's Score: 57/100

Director: Ron Shelton

Stars: Kurt Russell, Ving Rhames, Scott Speedman

Set in the Los Angeles Police Department in April 1992, Dark Blue is a dramatic thriller that takes place just days before the acquittal of four white officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King and the subsequent L.A. riots. In this racially-charged climate,the LAPD's elite Special Investigations Squad (SIS) is assigned a high-profile quadruple homicide. As they work the case, veteran detective Eldon Perry, known for his tough street tactics and fiery temper, tutors SIS rookie Bobby Keough in the grim realities of police intimidation and corruption. Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Holland, the only man in the department willing to stand up to the SIS, threatens to end Perry's brand of singlehanded "justice" on the Los Angeles streets. While navigating through the tumultuous neighborhoods of South Central L.A., Perry and Keough must track down cold-blooded killers and face their own demons, which prove to be more ruthless than the criminals they pursue.

Writers: James Ellroy, David Ayer

Kurt Russell - Eldon Perry
Scott Speedman - Bobby Keough
Michael Michele - Beth Williamson
Brendan Gleeson - Jack Van Meter
Ving Rhames - Arthur Holland
Kurupt - Darryl Orchard
Dash Mihok - Gary Sidwell
Jonathan Banks - James Barcomb
Lolita Davidovich - Sally Perry
Khandi Alexander - Janelle Holland
Dana Lee - Henry Kim
Chapman Russell Way - Eldon Perry III
Marin Hinkle - Deena Schultz
Jim Cody Williams - Suspect
Eloy Casados - Rico

Taglines: Sworn to protect / Sworn to serve / Sworn to secrecy


Official Website: MGM [United States] |

Release Date: 21 February 2003

Filming Locations: La Verne, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $15,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: €272,578 (Italy) (12 January 2003) (122 Screens)

Gross: $9,059,588 (USA) (16 March 2003)

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Did You Know?

Standing in the background during Eldon's briefing to the SWAT team is Peter Weireter, who really is LAPD SWAT.

Continuity: After Bobby shoots an "innocent" suspect, the gun Eldon handed the suspect to make it look like self defense is clearly seen lying on the ground before him on ground views but not on helicopter views.

Det. Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr.: The choke hold saved lives, but, ah, nobody ever got elected saying that, I suppose.

User Review

The Other Side of the Police Department and Justice System, With Corruption in All Levels

Rating: 8/10

In 1992, in Los Angeles, Homicide Detective Eldon Perry (Kurt Russell) is a member of the third generation of detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department. His partner is the rookie Bobby Keough (Scott Speedman), the nephew of the Chief of the Department Jack Van Meter (Breendan Gleeson), one of the best friends of Eldon's father. Eldon follows his orders without questioning, being protected by his superior, when interrogated by the Internal Affairs. Jack and Eldon do not have ethics, using intimidation, corruption and blackmail to achieve their targets and defeat their enemies. However, Assistant Chief Holland (Ving Rhames) is a honest officer, who fights against the corruption in the department and wants to destroy Jack and Elson. Bobby does not fit well in such a corrupted environment and is in love with Sargent Beth Williamson (Michael Michele), who works with Holland and had a love affair with him five years before. When four persons are executed in a Corean store by two criminals protected by Jack, Eldon and Bobby are in charge to find two scapegoats to take the blame. Meanwhile, tension is increasing on the streets of Los Angeles due to the trial of four white officers, who spanked the black motorist Rodney King. Having the backdrop of the real case of Rodney King, and consequent violence on the streets of LA after the absolving of the four white officers responsible for his aggression, and many plot points, "Dark Blue" is a very different, realistic and dramatic police story. Themes like racism, police excessive (or brutal) use of force for intimidation, corruption, blackmail, violent crimes, redemption etc. are presented in this film. The corruption in all levels of the police department and the justice system is explored in this movie. Although being in Los Angeles, it could be in most of the police departments of different nations. The performance of Kurt Russell is once again amazing, in the role of a man who goes to hell, destroying his personal and professional life in all the aspects, and looking for redemption in the end. "Dark Blue" is a highly recommended movie. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Face Oculta da Lei" ("The Hidden Face of the Law")


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