Dirty Work

June 12th, 1998


Dirty Work

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Still of Chris Farley and Norm McDonald in Dirty WorkStill of Artie Lange and Norm McDonald in Dirty WorkBob Saget and Norm McDonald in Dirty WorkStill of Artie Lange and Norm McDonald in Dirty WorkStill of Chevy Chase, Artie Lange and Norm McDonald in Dirty WorkArtie Lange and Norm MacDonald in Dirty Work

A loser finds success in the revenge-for-hire business.

Release Year: 1998

Rating: 6.2/10 (13,553 voted)

Director: Bob Saget

Stars: Norm MacDonald, Artie Lange, Jack Warden

Mitch and Sam have to come up with $50,000 and fast! The only problem is neither one can hold down a job. Mitch finds a way to money by exploiting the only talents the two have, by opening a "Revenge For Hire" business.

Writers: Frank Sebastiano, Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald - Mitch Weaver
Artie Lange - Sam McKenna
Jack Warden - 'Pops' McKenna
Traylor Howard - Kathy
Don Rickles - Mr. Hamilton
Christopher McDonald - Travis Cole
Chevy Chase - Dr. Farthing
Bradley Reid - Mitch (at 8 Years Old)
Matt Steinberg - Mitch (at 16 Years Old)
Joseph Sicilia - Sam (at 8 Years Old)
Austin Pool - Sam - at 16 Years Old (as Austin John Pool)
Gerry Mendicino - Manetti
A. Frank Ruffo - Aldo
Hrant Alianak - John Kirkpatrick
Michael Vollans - Derek (at 10 Years Old)

Taglines: Revenge is sweet (and surprisingly affordable)


Official Website: MGM |

Release Date: 12 June 1998

Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $13,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $3,634,236 (USA) (14 June 1998) (1776 Screens)

Gross: $9,975,684 (USA) (2 August 1998)

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Did You Know?

Chris Farley's last film

Plot holes: When Mitch and Sam play back their messages, there is a message from Hamilton making fun of Sam's weight in the commercial. Sam wasn't actually in the commercial; he was behind the camera using key remotes to open the car trunks.

[first lines]
Derek: Hand over the milk money, Weaver.
Mitch: I'm afraid I can't do that, Derek. I'm just not sure you'll spend it on milk.

User Review

Now They've Made Revenge Funny

Rating: 8/10

None of the three young stars of this film - Norm MacDonald, Artie Lange or Traylor Howard - ever became movie stars but they combined to make this a funny film, albeit what I call a lame-brain (somewhat low-class but effective humor) one.

This is not an untypical comedy of today: tons of sleazy jokes, sightgags, a lightweight romance story, a generally stupid story and a happy ending.....yet this one was far more appealing than most I've seen. Although the language could be worse, why this isn't rated "R" is beyond me. It is not for teens but I'll bet many of them watched and enjoyed this, as well as older people like me.

MacDonald is a very likable guy in the lead. He just has a friendly face and demeanor about him. He makes the film. Lange was a bit loud. I'm glad the film wasn't longer because Lange's constant shouting begins to become grating. As for Traylor, she acted well and was a pretty face. After watching this twice, I wondered why she never made it, but at least she has now found TV fame as the new partner of the hit TV series, "Monk."

Two veterans actors in here - Jack Warden and Chevy Chase - play irreverent sleazy roles, something they certainly have done before.....and do well. Warden is brutal as the ultimate dirty old man and Chase is as smug as always. Don Rickles makes a short appearances as his normal obnoxious character and John Goodman makes a cameo near the end.

The main story of this movie is a familiar one: revenge, but this time it is played strictly for laughs, and there are plenty. The movie shows revenge isn't just sweet, it can funny. What can you say? The movie is crude, it's sentimental, and it's a fun 82 minutes.


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