Half Light

January 17th, 2006


Half Light

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Rachel Carlson, a successful novelist moves to a small Scottish village to move on with her life after the death of her son. Strange things start to happen when she is haunted by ghosts and real life terror.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 5.9/10 (6,752 voted)

Director: Craig Rosenberg

Stars: Demi Moore, Henry Ian Cusick, Nicholas Gleaves

After the tragic drowning of her 5 year old son, best selling thriller novelist Rachel Carlson moves to a remote cottage on the Scottish coast. But Rachel's demons have followed her as loneliness and paranoia leave her not knowing what's real and what's imagination in the fight to save her life.

Demi Moore - Rachel Carlson
Henry Ian Cusick - Brian
Beans El-Balawi - Thomas Carlson (as Beans Balawi)
Kate Isitt - Sharon Winton
Nicholas Gleaves - Dr. Robert Freedman
James Cosmo - Finlay Murray
Joanna Hole - Mary Murray
Therese Bradley - Morag McPherson
Hans Matheson - Angus McCulloch
Mickey Wilson - Reverend James McMahon (as Michael Wilson)
Polly Frame - Librarian
Ceit Kearney - Gaelic Speaking Woman
Nichola Bee - Kate McCulloch (as Nichola B)
Jamie Edgell - Gordon McCloud
Anne Smith - Bingo Announcer

Taglines: Believe in the beyond.


Official Website: Filmfax [Spain] | Official soundtrack |

Release Date: 17 January 2006

Filming Locations: Cornwall, England, UK

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Did You Know?

The song playing as Rachel arrives at Mary's party is the "Star of the County Down"

Factual errors: In all phone calls Rachel makes, the ringing sound of all the calls is a foreign long ring in equidistant intervals. This is used in many parts of the world and the particular 'note' of the sound is mainly an American tone. British phone ring-tones are sequences of two tone/pulses and therefore completely different. All the people Rachel calls are in Britain.

User Review

Eerie Little Thriller


This movie is good, well acted, well scripted, well directed, and above all, it will keep you guessing to the end, I do not know enough about "The Technical Side" of movie making to comment, all i know is, if i see a film i like, or for that matter dislike, then i will make a comment on it, after all its only entertainment. Too many times you read about the, ins and outs of film making, and all the back stage stuff, when really all you want to know is, will i enjoy this film, and the answer to Half Light is yes, no swearing, very little sex content,just a nice put together thriller, enough twists and turns to keep the momentum going. i am trying to find something to moan about in this movie, and to be quite honest there is nothing, Demi Moore is very good in the lead role, and the mainly British cast is excellent Go see it, judge for yourself, i do not think you will be disappointed.


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