Hollywood Sex Wars

January 3rd, 2011


Hollywood Sex Wars

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Meeting of the T.O.B.Jenae Altschwager as 'Big Wendy'Take away the hair extensions, the makeup, the strappy shoes and the plastic surgery and this is what you are left withMario Diaz as 'Johnny Eyelash' pondering his next move against the T.O.B.Bachelor party Hollywood Sex Wars styleAaron, Max and Glenn get ready for basic training

Max (Dominique Purdy), Aaron (Richard Blair) and Glen (Nicholas Cooper) have a track record littered with strike-outs and misfit hook-ups...

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 3.2/10 (287 voted)

Director: Paul Sapiano

Stars: Mario Diaz, Jenae Altschwager, Dominque Purdy

Max (Dominique Purdy), Aaron (Richard Blair) and Glen (Nicholas Cooper) have a track record littered with strike-outs and misfit hook-ups. The boys embark on a mission to up their hot babe batting average. They meet Hollywood Casanova Johnny Eyelash (Mario Diaz) who teaches these boys the game of scoring A-list arm candy. But there is one problem, the girls are organized, cunning and have an agenda of their own. Its not long before the girls, led by Big Wendy (Jenae Alt) and Little Wendy (Eli Jane) pick up on Johnny's tactics and Hollywood becomes one big booby trap.

Mario Diaz - Johnny Eyelash
Jenae Altschwager - Big Wendy
Dominque Purdy - Max
Fabio - Fabio
Jacqui Holland - Courtney
Eli Jane - Little Wendy
Christine Nguyen - Elle
Carmen Palumbo - Gretchen
Richard Blair - Aaron
Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper - Glen
Jesse Wang - Dr. Eugene
Aneliese Roettger - Lyric
Afton A. Adams - Bar patron
Aubrey Adams - Aubrey
Cleo Aguirre - Bar patron

Taglines: Sun Tzu meets Sunset Blvd


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2011

Did You Know?

The idea to name the main characters "The Two Wendy's" is based on two LA party girls, who have since changed their ways. To differentiate, their friends called them Big and Little Wendy, although neither was very big or little in reality.

Johnny Eyelash: She knocked em dead, was the talk of the town, but 40 in Hollywood aint kind to anyone.

User Review


Rating: 2/10

If there's anything on the shopping channels on TV watch it instead of wasting your time with this, meant to be a comedy???? I didn't laugh once just a little smile at the naked boobs other than that cant say anything good about this movie. Had the potential to be funny but just didn't cut it. Don't even think Bravo would have put it on their channel Full of fake boobed women acting like the sex an the city characters but much worse! Please please please don't bother!!! Like the 40 thousand so poor people who have on Extra Torrent!!!! Don't even know why I'm bothering to write a review on something so bad, if you want comedy watch The Inbetweeners Movie haven't laughed so much since the first hangover movie


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