January 3rd, 2009



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A mysterious creature, know as Ink, steals a child's soul in hopes of using it as a bargaining chip to join the Incubi - the group of supernatural beings responsible for creating nightmares.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.8/10 (10,651 voted)

Director: Jamin Winans

Stars: Christopher Soren Kelly, Quinn Hunchar, Jessica Duffy

As the light fades and the city goes to sleep, two forces emerge. They are invisible except for the power they exert over us in our sleep, battling for our souls through dreams. One force delivers hope and strength through good dreams; the other infuses the subconscious with desperation through nightmares. John (Chris Kelly) and Emma (Quinn Hunchar), Father and Daughter are wrenched into this fantastical dream world battle, forced to fight for John's soul and to save Emma from an eternal nightmare. Separate in their journey, they encounter unusual characters that exist only in their subconscious. Or do they? Ink is a high-concept visual thriller that weaves seamlessly between the conscious and the subconscious. Ink has been hailed as the new "it" movie and compared to cult classics Brazil, Donnie Darko, The Matrix, Dark City and Pan's Labyrinth.

Christopher Soren Kelly - John (as Chris Kelly)
Quinn Hunchar - Emma
Jessica Duffy - Liev
Jennifer Batter - Allel
Jeremy Make - Jacob
Eme Ikwuakor - Gabe
Shelby Malone - Sarah
Shannan Steele - Shelly
Steve Sealy - Ron
Steven Brown - The Collector
Shauna Earp - The Bride
Marty Lindsey - The Key Master Incubus
Jeffrey Richardson - The Prince
Troy Garner - John's Incubus
Maiz Lucero - The Brave Incubus


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2009

Filming Locations: Arvada, Colorado, USA

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[first lines]
John: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

User Review



While I have stood idly by and read others comments on so many movies, I feel compelled to say something about this one. Truly a work of art, and it's an injustice that it is not more well known for I stumbled across this movie by chance and had heard nothing of it. This is far better than anything at the theaters now a days and was so well done in every aspect of it. A must see movie for anyone who gets a chance, like an escape away from the usual routine we are accustomed to.

From the beginning this movie will grab your attention. From the subtle effects that are done just right, to the acting from all parties of the cast. A very wholesome experience. Perhaps the rest of the film industry could take a lesson or two and make a decent movie like this and not waste millions of dollars on the junk they crank out on a daily basis.


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