It Takes Two

November 17th, 1995


It Takes Two

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Amanda Lemmon is a street-wise orphan who's about to be adopted by a family who uses children for their own selfish gain...

Release Year: 1995

Rating: 5.1/10 (6,611 voted)

Critic's Score: 45/100

Director: Andy Tennant

Stars: Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg, Mary-Kate Olsen

Amanda Lemmon is a street-wise orphan who's about to be adopted by a family who uses children for their own selfish gain. Her case worker, Diane, loves her and would like to adopt her, however, since she's single and doesn't have money, she is unable to do so. Alyssa Callaway is a rich girl home from boarding school for the summer and she and her dad, Roger, go to their summer home. There, he tells her that he is marrying Clarice, a child hating gold digger. During an attempt to run away, Alyssa stumbles upon a summer camp where she runs into Amanda, who looks EXACTLY like her. The two then switch places to get rid of Clarice and unite Roger and Diane.

Kirstie Alley - Diane Barrows
Steve Guttenberg - Roger Callaway
Mary-Kate Olsen - Amanda Lemmon / Alyssa Callaway
Ashley Olsen - Alyssa Callaway / Amanda Lemmon
Philip Bosco - Vincenzo
Jane Sibbett - Clarice Kensington
Michelle Grisom - Carmen
Desmond Robertson - Frankie
Tiny Mills - Tiny
Shanelle Henry - Patty
Anthony Aiello - Anthony
LaTonya Borsay - Wanda
Michèle Lonsdale Smith - Michelle
Sean Orr - Jerry
Elizabeth Walsh - Emily

Taglines: Two identical strangers. Two different worlds. One perfect match.

Release Date: 17 November 1995

Filming Locations: Camp Mini-Yo-We, Ontario, Canada

Gross: $19,474,589 (USA)

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Did You Know?

The first draft of the script by Deborah Dean Davis was never read by director Andy Tennant. The second writer Jeff Schechter's draft made this a "go" picture with Rysher Entertainment. Tennant was hired, and offered help for the picture's problems. He and his writing partner Rick Parks rewrote Schecter's draft. Tennant and Parks were rewritten by the producers Cruickshank. The studio preferred Tennant and Parks' draft with notes, so Tennant and Parks took another pass. The WGAW ruled against any other writer's credits due to biased by-laws which disallowed Writer/Directors with partners from receiving credits on features unless in extreme circumstances. None of Davis' dialogue was used.

Crew or equipment visible: Alyssa's mike pack is visible under the back of her shirt when Diane hugs her at the scrap yard.

Diane Barrows: I can't believe you talked me into this!
Alyssa Calloway: You're too tense. Relax.
Diane Barrows: Oh, I've got a thousand pounds of wild animal under my butt and she says relax!

User Review

The Olsen Twins' best movie yet!


The Olsen twins' best film to date, 'It Takes Two' is a very funny romantic comedy, where Mary-Kate plays orphan Amanda Lemmon, and Ashley plays rich-kid Alyssa Callaway, who trade places in hopes of 'hooking up' Alyssa's father Roger, and Amanda's minder Diane.

Steve Guttenberg plays rich-man Roger Callaway (complete with butler and camp), who is due to marry Clarice Kensington (played by 'Friend's' lesbian, Jane Sibbet). But, when Amanda and Alyssa bump into eachother, they swap families in hopes of joining Roger with Diane (the Emmy award-winning Kirstie Alley).

Mary Kate and Ashley are as cute as ever, Steve is fine (and really, that's all he is), Kirstie is great as Diane, but Jane is the best as the snotty Clarice.

A great little comedy - and a must for Olsen twins fans.


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