James and the Giant Peach

April 12th, 1996


James and the Giant Peach

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James and the Giant PeachJames and the Giant PeachJames and the Giant PeachJames and the Giant PeachJames and the Giant PeachJames and the Giant Peach

An orphan with terrible aunts for guardians, befriends human like bugs who live inside a giant peach, who take the boy on a journey to New York City.

Release Year: 1996

Rating: 6.7/10 (20,090 voted)

Director: Henry Selick

Stars: Paul Terry, Joanna Lumley, Pete Postlethwaite

James' happy life at the English seaside is rudely ended when his parents are killed by a rhinoceros and he goes to live with his two horrid aunts. Daringly saving the life of a spider he comes into possession of magic boiled crocodile tongues, after which an enormous peach starts to grow in the garden. Venturing inside he meets not only the spider but a number of new friends including a ladybug and a centipede who help him with his plan to try and get to New York.

Writers: Roald Dahl, Karey Kirkpatrick

Simon Callow - Grasshopper (voice)
Richard Dreyfuss - Centipede (voice)
Jane Leeves - Ladybug (voice)
Joanna Lumley - Aunt Spiker
Miriam Margolyes - Aunt Sponge / Glowworm - (voice)
Pete Postlethwaite - Old Man
Susan Sarandon - Spider (voice)
Paul Terry - James
David Thewlis - Earthworm (voice)
J. Stephen Coyle - Reporter #2
Steven Culp - James' Father
Cirocco Dunlap - Girl with Telescope
Michael Girardin - Reporter #1
Tony Haney - Reporter #3
Kathryn Howell - Woman in Bathrobe (as Kathrine Howell)

Taglines: Climb aboard for the adventure of your life!

Release Date: 12 April 1996

Filming Locations: San Francisco, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $38,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $28,934,758 (USA)

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Did You Know?

This is the last time Denise Di Novi was co-producer with Tim Burton.

Continuity: When the peach goes rolling down the hill, it rolls along the top of a fence, getting the fence stuck in its sides in a counter-clockwise descending spiral. Once the peach hits the water, though, every scene after shows the fence in a clockwise descending spiral, when viewed from above.

Spider: We are in the middle of the, how do you say, the big puddle.
Centipede: Biggest puddle of 'em all, angel fangs - the Atlantic Ocean.
Old Green Grasshopper: Technically, the Pacific is the biggest.
Centipede: Well, that goes without saying.

User Review

Utterly delightful and a must-see!!

Rating: 9/10

There is sooo much I like with this movie. It has imagination, a sense of wonder and characters you either love or hate. And the blend of live action and stop-motion animation is a delight. The songs incorporated in this story is not very memorable but sweet and fit their purpose. And you simply have to love to hate Margoyles and Lumley in their parts as the aunts from hell. They treat poor James so horribly that I thought that "Cinderella had it easy"! Compared to "nightmare before Christmas" I actually liked this movie better. It has more of a heart even if the story itself may be just a bit less interesting and inventive. There are so many good scenes but among the highlights is the arctic adventure and the New York sequence. But, mind you, the opening is very deceptive and might scare younger parts of the audience. Otherwise, a must-see!!!


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