Jersey Girl

March 26th, 2004


Jersey Girl

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Still of Ben Affleck in Jersey GirlStill of Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck in Jersey GirlStill of Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck in Jersey GirlStill of Ben Affleck and Jason Biggs in Jersey GirlStill of Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and Raquel Castro in Jersey GirlStill of Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck in Jersey Girl

After his career is sidelined from an unexpected tragedy and a personal blowup, a single man must take care of his precocious daughter.

Release Year: 2004

Rating: 6.2/10 (33,552 voted)

Critic's Score: 43/100

Director: Kevin Smith

Stars: Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Raquel Castro

Ollie Trinkie is a publicist, who has a great girlfriend, Gertrude, whom he marries and they are expecting a baby but while he is looking forward to being a father, he doesn't lighten his workload. Gertrude gives birth but dies in the process. Ollie doesn't live up to his responsibilities as a father. Eventually the strain and pressure of losing his wife and being a father gets to him and he has breakdown, which leads to his termination. So with nothing much to do he tries to be good father to his daughter, Gertie. He also meets a young woman name Maya, who likes him but he is still not over his wife.

Betty Aberlin - Teacher
Matt McFarland - Boy #1
Sarah Stafford - Girl #1
Paulie Litt - Bryan (as Paulie Litowsky)
Christian Fan - Boy #3
Victor Chavez - Boy #4
William Mace - Boy #5
Raquel Castro - Gertie Trinke
Ben Affleck - Ollie Trinke
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith - Susan (as Jennifer Schwalbach)
Jennifer Lopez - Gertrude Steiney
George Carlin - Bart Trinke
Stephen Root - Greenie
Mike Starr - Block
S. Epatha Merkerson - Doctor #1

Taglines: He wanted it all...but he got more than he bargained for.


Official Website: Miramax [United States] | Official news site - update by directo Kevin Smith and co. |

Release Date: 26 March 2004

Filming Locations: New Jersey, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $8,319,171 (USA) (28 March 2004) (1520 Screens)

Gross: $25,266,129 (USA) (27 June 2004)

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Did You Know?

One of the rooms of the house has a wall of framed black-and-white photographs. Some of these are young photos of George Carlin himself, most noticeably a bust shot of him dressed for the Air Force, which he had joined at the age of 18.

Continuity: While Gertrude is putting on her earrings during her fight with Ollie, she leaves the room without having put the left earring on. In the next shot of her in the next room, there is an earring in that ear.

[first lines]
Teacher: Everyone, please take your seats. You heard the bell. You know what it means. Last week, the assignment was to write an essay about your family. Who they...
Teacher: [class: "Are!"] And what they...
Teacher: [class: "Mean to us!"] Excellent droning.

User Review

I left this on the shelf far too long

Rating: 8/10

So after reading many a disconsolate review from Kevin Smith fans I decided to purchase the DVD anyway. Yet all the negative comments had left their toll on me and the DVD stayed on the shelf in its shrink wrapper for FAR TOO LONG. You motor heads! Yes this movie is sweet and yes it's sometimes even sickly but it's endearing and moving. Ben Athleck switches in and out of competence a few too many times to make his performance IMO a completely solid one but frankly he does a good job of holding all the disparate threads of the movie together.

If you want to live in 1994 dick & fart jokes then simply put Clerks in the DVD player and play it again! However each of Kevin's films go someway in their own right into the exploration of inter-personal relationships and the impact of consequence in our daily lives. Jersey Girl is no different in this respect than Clerks.


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