Lord of the Flies

March 16th, 1990


Lord of the Flies

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Still of Danuel Pipoly in Lord of the FliesLord of the FliesStill of Balthazar Getty and Chris Furrh in Lord of the FliesStill of Balthazar Getty and Danuel Pipoly in Lord of the FliesLord of the FliesStill of Balthazar Getty in Lord of the Flies

Stranded on an island, a group of schoolboys degenerate into savagery.

Release Year: 1990

Rating: 6.2/10 (10,535 voted)

Director: Harry Hook

Stars: Balthazar Getty, Chris Furrh, Danuel Pipoly

After a plane crash in the ocean, a group of military students reach an island. Ralph organizes the boys, assigning responsibilities for each one. When the rebel Jack Merridew neglects the fire camp and they lose the chance to be seen by a helicopter, the group split under the leadership of Jack. While Ralph rationalizes the procedures, Jack returns to the primitivism, using the fear for the unknown (in a metaphor to the religion) to control the other boys, and hunting and chasing pigs, stealing the possession of Ralph's group and even killing people.

Writers: William Golding, Sara Schiff

Balthazar Getty - Ralph
Chris Furrh - Jack Merridew
Danuel Pipoly - Piggy
James Badge Dale - Simon (as Badgett Dale)
Andrew Taft - The Twins
Edward Taft - The Twins
Gary Rule - Roger
Terry Wells - Andy
Braden MacDonald - Larry
Angus Burgin - Greg
Martin Zentz - Sheraton
Brian Jacobs - Peter
Vincent Amabile - Patterson
David Weinstein - Mikey
Chuck Bell - Steve

Taglines: What separates Man from Beast? Not Much!


Official Website: MGM |

Release Date: 16 March 1990

Filming Locations: Hamakua Coast, Hawaii, USA

Gross: $13,985,225 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Chris Furrh was in another movie this same year about a group of kids stranded alone on an island: Exile.

Plot holes: Whatever happened to the large raft after they landed on the island?

Ralph: Whoever holds the conch gets to speak.

User Review

Don't get your hopes up


I've read the book so many times and after seeing the first 1963 adaptation of the movie I admit I was a little let down. I was surprised they didn't put in the Simon scene (which is probably one of the most important scenes in the book) and a lot of other important things they missed out on. But then, once I found out there was another version of the movie I quickly rented it. But let me tell you something; This is movie is much worse than the first one, and does an awful job of telling the storyline. Although the boys were very adorable (I'll admit that)that still didn't make up for the bad acting job they did. Plus, I was really confused on why the director chose to make a nonexistent captain the most important symbol in the book. Why he did that is beyond me. So anyways, my point is, if your looking for a good movie based on the book, you should probably just stick to the first one, and don't waste your money on renting/buying this movie.


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