November 8th, 1996



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Still of Gary Sinise in RansomStill of Mel Gibson and Brawley Nolte in RansomHenry Winkler at event of RansomStill of Gary Sinise in RansomStill of Rene Russo in RansomMel Gibson in Ransom

When a rich man's son is kidnapped, he cooperates with the police at first but then tries a unique tactic against the criminals.

Release Year: 1996

Rating: 6.6/10 (50,791 voted)

Critic's Score: 60/100

Director: Ron Howard

Stars: Mel Gibson, Gary Sinise, Rene Russo

Tom Mullen is a millionaire, he built his fortune by working hard. Along the way he learned how to play the game. He has a great family. One day his son is kidnapped. He is willing to pay the ransom but decides to call in the FBI, who manages to go into his home secretly. When he goes to make the drop something goes wrong. The kidnapper calls him again and reschedules it. On the way Mullen decides not to go and appears on TV saying that the ransom he was going to give to the kidnapper is now a bounty on the kidnapper.

Writers: Cyril Hume, Richard Maibaum

Mel Gibson - Tom Mullen
Rene Russo - Kate Mullen
Brawley Nolte - Sean Mullen
Gary Sinise - Det. Jimmy Shaker
Delroy Lindo - Agent Lonnie Hawkins
Lili Taylor - Maris Conner
Liev Schreiber - Clark Barnes
Donnie Wahlberg - Cubby Barnes
Evan Handler - Miles Roberts
Nancy Ticotin - Agent Kimba Welch
Michael Gaston - Agent Jack Sickler
Kevin Neil McCready - Agent Paul Rhodes
Paul Guilfoyle - Wallace
Allen Bernstein - Bob Stone
José Zúñiga - David Torres (as Jose Zuniga)

Taglines: Someone is going to pay.

Release Date: 8 November 1996

Filming Locations: Bergen County, New Jersey, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $80,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $34,216,088 (USA) (10 November 1996) (2676 Screens)

Gross: $136,448,821 (USA) (13 April 1997)

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | USA: (laserdisc)

Did You Know?

Production was delayed a few days when Mel Gibson needed an emergency appendectomy.

Errors in geography: If you study a Bergen County, NJ map, you would notice that Route 4 does not have any major connecting highway to the tunnels to New York. Route 4 was flashed briefly has he exited to Saddle River Road. The quarry is on the Southnound side of I-287, near Wayne, NJ. Mel's character uses Route 4, which only leads to the George Washington Bridge.

Tom Mullen: [to Cubby who's] What is it? Come on, what is it? A name. I swear if you tell me, I'll make sure you get the best funeral there is.

User Review

Fasten your seat belts!

Rating: 8/10

This is definitely one of those films that grabs a hold of you and does not seem to want to let go.Ron Howard's excellent direction and Mel Gibson giving perhaps the performance of his career make this film worth seeing.Those of us who have children, although many of us may not have the courage to push the limits as Gibson's character did here,may appreciate this movie more so than those who do not.In fact,I might have been more reserved and cautious,even though I love my son just as much.This is a definite thrill ride from start to finish,and if you have a strong enough heart to handle it,then this film is definitely for you.


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