Red Eye

August 19th, 2005


Red Eye

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A woman is kidnapped by a stranger on a routine flight. Threatened by the potential murder of her father, she is pulled into a plot to assist her captor in offing a politician.

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 6.5/10 (54,993 voted)

Critic's Score: 71/100

Director: Wes Craven

Stars: Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox

This is the story of a young resourceful heroine woman named Lisa Reisert who hates to fly, but the terror that awaits her on the night flight to Miami has nothing to do with a fear of flying! Upon boarding the plane, Lisa is trapped on a red-eye flight with a creepy villainous handsome and charming man by the name of Jackson Rippner, who's playing middle-man in the plot to assassinate a Homeland Security official. He's got her father pinned down by a would-be killer, using that advantage to coerce Lisa into phoning the luxury resort where she works and arranging to move the target into a pre-set position.

Writers: Carl Ellsworth, Carl Ellsworth

Rachel McAdams - Lisa Reisert
Cillian Murphy - Jackson Rippner
Brian Cox - Joe Reisert
Laura Johnson - Blonde Woman
Max Kasch - Headphone Kid
Jayma Mays - Cynthia
Angela Paton - Nice Lady
Suzie Plakson - Senior Flight Attendant
Jack Scalia - Charles Keefe
Terry Press - Marianne Taylor (as Teresa Press-Marx)
Robert Pine - Bob Taylor
Carl Gilliard - Taxi Driver
Mary Kathleen Gordon - Airline Representative (as Mary-Kathleen Gordon)
Loren Lester - Irate Passenger
Philip Pavel - Dallas Ticket Agent

Taglines: Fear Takes Flight


Official Website: DreamWorks [United States] | Official site [uk] |

Release Date: 19 August 2005

Filming Locations: Continuum At South Beach - 100 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $25,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $16,167,662 (USA) (21 August 2005) (3079 Screens)

Gross: $95,577,774 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

For the movie, fake airline tickets were printed up for passengers to carry and use. On the back was listed 12 "terms and conditions" for buying the ticket, just like on real airline tickets. However, the twelfth read: "All the provisions of this Passenger Ticket and Baggage Claim Check are completely bogus. It's all a bunch of excessive detail, and if you happen to be reading this you've got too much time on your hands. Bring a good book next time."

Continuity: When Lisa offers the book to the old woman in the line in front of her, she's holding the book right side up. However, when the woman takes the book, it's upside down, but a few shots later it's right side up again.

[first lines]
Marianne Taylor: Taylor. Bob and Marianne Taylor.
Cynthia: Just bear with me one second.
Marianne Taylor: There are other hotels in Miami.
Cynthia: I'm sorry.
Marianne Taylor: What is the problem? We made these reservations over six months ago.
Cynthia: I know, ma'am, I'm just not seeing it.
Marianne Taylor: Well, where's Lisa? Lisa always takes care of us.
Cynthia: I know, ma'am. She's out of town. Her grandmother passed away.
Bob Taylor: Cynthia, is it?

User Review

New Creep On the Block

Rating: 9/10

What I liked best in this film is that like the films of Hitchcock, it is a thriller that does not take itself too seriously.

Hitchcock understood that people go the the movies to have a good time. Something that Hollywood seems to have forgotten in recent years. This is a thriller, but it has plenty of laughs and always has one eye winking at the camera.

Rachel McAdams is wonderful as always. Cillian Murphy is creepier than he was in Batman Begins. In the old days, there were guys who always played the bad guy. We don't see much of that these days because I suspect the Hollywood agents consider it a bad career move, but Cillian Murphy is really good at being bad.

The directing is surprising stylish. The story is good but the dialog could have used some sprucing up.

"Red Eye" is a really fun film and people were applauding when the closing credits started rolling. If you are in the mood for an enjoyable escapist thriller, "Red Eye" might be your ticket.


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