The Covenant

September 8th, 2006


The Covenant

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Still of Jonathan Wenk and Steven Strait in The CovenantStill of Sebastian Stan and Steven Strait in The CovenantStill of Jonathan Wenk, Laura Ramsey, Steven Strait, Toby Hemingway and Taylor Kitsch in The CovenantStill of Sebastian Stan and Steven Strait in The CovenantStill of Jonathan Wenk and Toby Hemingway in The CovenantStill of Jonathan Wenk and Chace Crawford in The Covenant

Four young men who belong to a supernatural legacy are forced to battle a fifth power long thought to have died out. Another great force they must contend with is the jealousy and suspicion that threatens to tear them apart.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 4.8/10 (22,782 voted)

Critic's Score: 19/100

Director: Renny Harlin

Stars: Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan, Toby Hemingway

To the students of the Spenser Academy, the Sons of Ipswich are the baddest boys on campus. But that's not all they share. The four friends also share a 300-year-old secret: they're warlocks, the teenage descendants of a 17th-century coven of witches. So when the long-banished fifth son suddenly appears and threatens to kill their loved ones, they realize they must face their enemy in order to prevent him from stealing their powers and shattering the covenant forever.

Steven Strait - Caleb Danvers
Laura Ramsey - Sarah Wenham
Sebastian Stan - Chase Collins
Taylor Kitsch - Pogue Parry
Chace Crawford - Tyler Simms
Toby Hemingway - Reid Garwin
Jessica Lucas - Kate Tunney
Kyle Schmid - Aaron Abbot
Wendy Crewson - Evelyn Danvers
Stephen McHattie - William Danvers III
Kenneth Welsh - Provost Higgins
Christian Baril - Dead Teenage Boy
Basia Jasinski - Nicky's Bar Waitress (as Barbara Basia-Jasinski)
Rob Burns - Mr. Pennyworth
Robert Crooks - Ryan Bael

Taglines: Four have the power. One will stop at nothing to possess it.


Official Website: Gaumont Columbia Tristar [France] | Sony Pictures [United States] |

Release Date: 8 September 2006

Filming Locations: Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Québec, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $20,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $8,852,485 (USA) (10 September 2006) (2681 Screens)

Gross: $32,347,239 (Worldwide) (18 December 2006)

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Did You Know?

The outside Danvers mansion, which is always seen from far away, is really a derelict water purification facility, with some window lighting and greenery added by the production team.

Continuity: In the scene where Kate is talking to Caleb in the store we can see Sarah step out from behind an isle and in the next shot she steps out again.

[first lines]
Reid Garwin: What's up fellas?
Tyler Sims: Where were you? I stopped by to give you a lift.
Reid Garwin: Had things to do. How's the party?
Pogue Parry: Don't know. Just got here.
Reid Garwin: Well hell boys,
[eyes go black]
Reid Garwin: let's drop in.
[jumps off cliff]
Tyler Sims: Shit, yeah!
[jumps off cliff as well]

User Review

Mindless, but Fun

Rating: 6/10

Anyone who expected this movie to be an amazing, intelligent film will be severely disappointed. However, from the trailer, I made a guess as to the general quality of the film. I was right, and I enjoyed myself.

Hot guys who do magic. That's pretty much all you need to know about the movie. The dialogue is crap, most of the acting is so-so, characters are woefully underdeveloped, and the plot is flimsy at best. That said, it was a fun movie. There was exciting action, and lots of fan service for the girls in the audience (Don't worry boys, there are girls in dubious sleepwear, too) It's one of those movies where you sit and watch and say, "This is a really good idea, but even *I* could write a better movie than this." The concept is cool, the execution not-so-hot. But as a break from the grind of class? Definitely good.

The action was cool. The boys were pretty. And, really, what more does a girl need?


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