The Final Destination

August 28th, 2009


The Final Destination

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Still of Shantel VanSanten and Bobby Campo in The Final DestinationStill of Nick Zano, Shantel VanSanten, Bobby Campo and Haley Webb in The Final DestinationShantel VanSanten at event of The Final DestinationStill of Shantel VanSanten and Bobby Campo in The Final DestinationStill of Bobby Campo in The Final DestinationThe Final Destination

After a young man's premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 4.9/10 (34,936 voted)

Critic's Score: 30/100

Director: David R. Ellis

Stars: Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andrew Fiscella

In a car race in McKinley Speedway, twenty-something Nick has a premonition of a deadly car crash with many casualties in the audience and convinces his girlfriend Lori and his friends Hunt and Janet to leave the place. They are followed by the security guard; a racist guy; a mother with her children and a mechanic, that are saved from death. When the racist guy and the mother die in mysterious and creepy incidents, Nick and Lori research and find many similar cases in Internet. They try to lure The Ripper to break the chain of deadly events and survive, but destiny does not help them.

Writers: Eric Bress, Jeffrey Reddick

Bobby Campo - Nick
Shantel VanSanten - Lori
Nick Zano - Hunt
Haley Webb - Janet
Mykelti Williamson - George
Krista Allen - MILF / Samantha
Andrew Fiscella - Mechanic
Justin Welborn - Racist
Stephanie Honore - Mechanic's Girlfriend (as Stephanie Honoré)
Lara Grice - Racist's Wife
Jackson Walker - Cowboy
Phil Austin - MILF's Husband
William Aguillard - Kid #1
Brendan Aguillard - Kid #2
Juan Kincaid - Newscaster

Taglines: Just because you know it's happening, doesn't mean you'll see it coming.


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Release Date: 28 August 2009

Filming Locations: Harahan, Louisiana, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $43,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $27,408,309 (USA) (30 August 2009) (3121 Screens)

Gross: $66,436,248 (USA) (15 November 2009)

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Did You Know?

The race track is called "McKinley Speedway" which was the name of the Town, High School and character Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche) in Final Destination 3.

Factual errors: In the movie house scene after the fires and explosions happen we are shown a large propane tank indoors with fire around it. This size tank is only mounted outdoors where there is plenty of ventilation. Never indoors.

George Lanter: I've been trying to kill myself all day.

User Review

The worst in the series

Rating: 3/10

This was the worst entry in the series for the following reasons:

1. At approximately 80 minutes the film is too short and there isn't any sort of time given to building up tension.

2. Pretty much all of the deaths are given away in the previews, so when someone dies its no surprise whatsoever. By taking away the surprise aspect the movie was ruined.

3. There is even less of a plot here then the other 3. Granted the basic premise is the same but they didn't even try here.

4. The deaths themselves were very "meh" and fake looking. Way too much CGI was used. Not only that but they cut away from what probably would have been the most visually interesting death. 5. No Tony Todd. He was seen in the first 2 and heard in the 3rd one. At this point the fans expect to see him. They should have tried to get him in here somehow.

I could go on and on. I hope that if they make a 5th one that James Wong (who directed the first and third films) returns to give the series a proper send off as the David Ellis entries to the franchise (the second and fourth films) are definitely the weakest links in the series. To his credit though, part 2 did probably have some of the best deaths in the series (opening premonition, fire escape ladder, and plate glass).


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