The Horror Vault Vol.1

January 3rd, 2008


The Horror Vault Vol.1

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Nine tales of human cruelty, nine tales of human depravity, nine tales of true horror.

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 5.8/10 (125 voted)

Director: David Boone

Stars: Claire Ross-Brown, Kim Sønderholm, Sally Wells Cook

Nine tales of human cruelty, nine tales of human depravity, nine tales of true horror.

Writers: Kenny Selko, Mark Marchillo

Claire Ross-Brown - Julia Herrington (segment "When John Met Julia")
Kim Sønderholm - John Sykes (segment "When John Met Julia") / Pete Burton (segment "Mental Distortion") / The Executionator (fake trailer segment "The Executionator")
Sally Wells Cook - Gertrude Follier (segment "Delusion")
Chad Mehle - Dory Garren (segment "Delusion")
Elisa Richardson - June Bentwood (segment "Delusion")
James Terry - Inspector Garren (segment "Delusion")
Heather Tom - Veronica Farrow (segment "Delusion")
Jonathon Trent - Flynn Bentwood (segment "Delusion")
Mandy Amano - Ellen (segment "Alone")
Jerod Edington - Taylor (segment "Alone")
Guy Nardulli - Detective Wiley (segment "Alone")
Russ Diapper - Ted Bundy (segment "Dead To The World") / Narrator (fake trailer segment "Satan Claws")
Kate Ewing - Second victim (segment "Dead To The World")
Joyia Fitch - Suzanne (segment "Dead To The World")
Paul Kelleher - The Detective (segment "Dead To The World")

Taglines: Nine tales of human cruelty, nine tales of human depravity, nine tales of true horror.


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2008

Filming Locations: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $750,000 (estimated)

Technical Specs

Runtime: USA: (uncensored version) (uncut) (unrated DVD version)

Did You Know?

The musician Cirex collaborated on the cover art.

User Review

Good selection of horror and dark humor

Rating: 6/10

Starting off with an effort to replicate the grindhouse use of "coming attractions," complete with grainy, scratched film, we expect the cheesiness to continue as the feature is not one, but nine separate horror shorts.

I am sure everyone will find their favorites in the collection, but I was particularly impressed by "Alone" with Mandy Amano as a sorority girl alone in the house with a killer on the loose. The sets and costuming were excellent and really gave a 50s feel to the story. It had a nice twist at the end.

"Mental Distortion" with Kim Sønderholm, who also wrote and directed this short, as well as the first one shown (When John Met Julia) stars with Maja Muhlack and the voluptuous Danish model Barbara Zatler. The story is really open to multiple interpretations, and I am sure each viewer will have their own.

"Disconnected" is the story of bloody brutality, but it is the twist that will have your mouth dropping open - totally unexpected.

Those are my three favorites, but the other six shorts are just as interesting and others are left to find theirs.


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