The Lazarus Project

October 24th, 2008


The Lazarus Project

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A former criminal is drawn into a criminal endeavor and subsequently finds himself living an inexplicable new life working at a psychiatric facility.

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 6.0/10 (6,182 voted)

Director: John Glenn

Stars: Paul Walker, Piper Perabo, Brooklynn Proulx

A harrowing and frightening thriller about a man who has everything he's ever loved stripped away from him; and to earn his life and family back, he must face obstacles of mystical origins, endure countless tests of his faith, struggle with his own sanity, and explore the depth and the power of his soul.

Writers: John Glenn, Evan Astrowsky

Paul Walker - Ben Garvey
Piper Perabo - Lisa Garvey
Brooklynn Proulx - Katie Garvey (as Brooklyn Proulx)
Bob Gunton - Father Ezra
Lambert Wilson - Avery
Linda Cardellini - Julie Ingram
Tony Curran - William Reeds
Malcolm Goodwin - Robbie
Ross McMillan - Dr. James
Aaron Hughes - Caleb
Sean Skene - Orderly
John Callander - The Lineman
Shawn Hatosy - Ricky Garvey
Alex Sol - Phelps
Peter Jordan - Male Tech

Taglines: Cheating death is only the beginning.

Release Date: 24 October 2008

Filming Locations: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Technical Specs


Errors in geography: Dundee, Oregon and Mt. Angel, Oregon are about 30 miles away from each other and separated by I-5. They aren't in the same community.

[first lines]
Katie Garvey: Daddy, what's the greatest thing you ever saw?
Ben Garvey: Greatest thing you ever saw. Umm. One time when I was a little boy, I was playing with my slingshot and I saw this Jaybird. I don't know why but I shot him.
Katie Garvey: You killed a birdie?
Ben Garvey: I didn't mean to. I don't even know why I shot at him, but I felt so bad, I started praying to God that he would come back. And all of a sudden the Jaybird woke up. He just flew away.
Katie Garvey: God saved him?
Ben Garvey: Yeah, I think so.

User Review

a haunting drama

Rating: 7/10

a psychological thriller that will make you think from the the beginning to the end. although a bit slow in the first parts to the middle, thats why its a psychological thriller, the climax to the end compensated for it.

the lines are well delivered, a good script, all in all, a good movie. the acting's pretty convincing, particularly the way the lead actor tracks down the roots of his dilemma and the way he acted on it. i just gave it a seven coz, as i have said, the first parts makes me sleepy.

just keep in mind that this in not for those who liked fast paced or some such types of movies.


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