The Little Vampire

October 27th, 2000


The Little Vampire

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Still of Jim Carter in The Little VampireStill of Richard E. Grant, Jonathan Lipnicki and Rollo Weeks in The Little VampireJonathan Lipnicki and Tommy Hinkley at event of The Little VampireStill of Rollo Weeks in The Little VampireStill of Rollo Weeks in The Little VampireStill of Rollo Weeks in The Little Vampire

A lonely boy becomes best friends with a vampire.

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 5.3/10 (3,114 voted)

Critic's Score: 45/100

Director: Uli Edel

Stars: Jonathan Lipnicki, Rollo Weeks, Richard E. Grant

Based on the popular books, the story tells of Tony who wants a friend to add some adventure to his life. What he gets is Rudolph, a vampire kid with a good appietite. The two end up inseperable, but their fun is cut short when all the hopes of the vampire race could be gone forever in single night. With Tony's access to the daytime world, he helps them to find what they've always wanted.

Writers: Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, Karey Kirkpatrick

Jonathan Lipnicki - Tony Thompson
Richard E. Grant - Frederick Sackville-Bagg
Jim Carter - Rookery
Alice Krige - Freda Sackville-Bagg
Pamela Gidley - Dottie Thompson
Tommy Hinkley - Bob Thompson
Anna Popplewell - Anna Sackville-Bagg
Dean Cook - Gregory Sackville-Bagg
Rollo Weeks - Rudolph Sackville-Bagg
John Wood - Lord McAshton
Ed Stoppard - Von Sackville-Bagg
Jake D'Arcy - Farmer McClaughlin
Iain De Caestecker - Nigel
Scott Fletcher - Flint
Johnny Meres - Teacher

Taglines: They're not just best friends. They're blood brothers.


Official Website: Metropolitan Film (France) | New Line Cinema |

Release Date: 27 October 2000

Filming Locations: Culross, Fife, Scotland, UK

Box Office Details

Budget: $22,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: £59,800 (UK) (15 October 2000) (30 Screens)

Gross: $13,555,988 (USA) (3 December 2000)

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | Spain:

Did You Know?

First film in which 'Jonathan Lipnicki' (sp) received first billing.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: In the initial scene where Tony and Rudolph are searching for the amulet in Tony's room, almost every line has been dubbed over. Their mouths remain closed.

Rudolph Sackville-Bagg: No need to bite my head off.
Tony Thompson: Biting is your job, mine is to find the amulet.

User Review

Witty, well-acted kids flick that parents will enjoy as well.

Rating: 9/10

A very winning cast, great location, superb kids' story to work with, good production make for some campy scariness for kids with entertainment for mom and dad as well. Charming little movie that appeals to the kid in all of us.The predicament of the cows really did make me laugh out loud.

The acting by one and all was excellent, especially Richard E. Grant as the head of the vampire family. He brought a non-threatening, yet nerve wracking (well, for kids, anyway) presence to the movie. His charming powers over Mrs. Thompson were hysterical, and the entire cast did very well with this movie.

One for the kids that mom and dad will enjoy sitting through, which is a rarity anymore, except for the likes of Shrek.

Oh, and I can't omit Rollo Weeks, as The Little Vampire himself. He was so charming, so perfectly nailed the role of Rudolph. As well as the role for arguably the cutest kid in movies, Jonathan Lipnicki, as Tony Thompson. The crush Anna had on him was acted out adorably by Anna Popplewell, as well. There was just great acting all around in The Little Vampire.

A job well done by all involved. This will make my list of movies to purchase just to share with my grandkids that someday I'll have to spoil. Campy, scary enough for the little ones and entertaining for their parents. What's not to like?


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