Two Brothers

June 25th, 2004


Two Brothers

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Two BrothersTwo BrothersTwo BrothersTwo BrothersTwo BrothersTwo Brothers

Two tigers are separated as cubs and taken into captivity, only to be reunited years later as enemies by an explorer (Pearce) who inadvertently forces them to fight each other.

Release Year: 2004

Rating: 6.8/10 (6,378 voted)

Critic's Score: 63/100

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Stars: Guy Pearce, Freddie Highmore, Jean-Claude Dreyfus

Set not so long ago in a distant land, the film follows the adventures of twin tiger cubs--one shy and gentle, the other bold and fierce--who are born among the temple ruins of an exotic jungle. However, on a fateful day, the brothers are separated by fate. The bold brother is sold off to a circus, where homesickness and living in a cage rob him of his spirit. Meanwhile, the shy cub becomes the beloved companion of the governor's lonely young son, until an accident forces the family to give him away to a man who resolves to break his gentle nature and turn him into a fighter for sport. When they are fully grown the brothers find themselves reunited--but as forced enemies, pitted against each other.

Writers: Alain Godard, Jean-Jacques Annaud

Guy Pearce - Aidan McRory
Jean-Claude Dreyfus - Administrator Eugene Normandin
Freddie Highmore - Raoul Normandin
Oanh Nguyen - His Excellency
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu - Mrs. Normandin
Moussa Maaskri - Saladin
Vincent Scarito - Zerbino
Maï Anh Le - Naï-Rea
Jaran 'See Tao' Petcharoen - The Village Chief (as Jaran Phetjareon 'Sitao')
Stéphanie Lagarde - Miss Paulette
Bernard Flavien - His Excellency's Majordomo
Annop Varapanya - Sergent Van Tranh
David Gant - Auctioneer
Teerawat Mulvilai - Verlaine (as Teerawat Mulvilai 'Ka-Nge')
Somjin Chimwong - Napoleon (as Somjin Chimwong 'Nen')

Taglines: The acclaimed director of "The Bear" invites you to share their unforgettable journey home.


Official Website: Official site [Netherlands] | Pathé [France] |

Release Date: 25 June 2004

Filming Locations: Bangkok, Thailand

Box Office Details

Budget: €59,660,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $6,144,160 (USA) (27 June 2004) (2175 Screens)

Gross: $18,947,630 (USA) (15 August 2004)

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Did You Know?

Christian Clavier was approached about the role of the ambassador. It finally went to Jean-Claude Dreyfus.

Anachronisms: As his Excellency is getting off the elephant, he walks down an Air France Stairway. Air France didn't exist until 1933. The movie takes place in the 1920s.

Aidan McRory: Forgive me. Forgive me.

User Review

A wonderful movie

Rating: 8/10

Am rarely moved to comment on what others say here, but Sarah from Canada's mindless and cynical response to TWO BROTHERS can't go unchallenged. Though far from perfect, I found this movie to be exceptionally entertaining on all accounts. Sarah claims there's no story, no characters, no moral ... on and on. Well, what she says is a complete crock: there is a story: it's about the two tiger brothers who are taken from their jungle home. The two main characters are not human, and I guess the fact that they don't have dialogue presented quite an obstacle for Sarah because she doesn't seem to have followed their story and its moral/ethical significance. Since the movie plays out like a fairy tale, realism here is not the point, hence the broad human characterizations. Rather, the most successful parts of the film allows us to view the world from the animals' eyes, and in doing so we experience their feelings, memories, and needs. I found this to be entertaining and at times quite moving. The film makers ennoble these tiger characters with such power and respect, I find it utterly mystifying that anyone could miss this as being the major point of the film. Please do not let negative comments like the ones from Sarah keep you from watching this terrific movie.


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