What Women Want

December 15th, 2000


What Women Want

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After an accident, a chauvenistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 6.3/10 (79,565 voted)

Critic's Score: 47/100

Director: Nancy Meyers

Stars: Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Marisa Tomei

Nick, a somewhat chauvinistic advertising exec hot shot, has his life turned haywire when a fluke accident enables him to hear what women think. At first all he wants to do is rid himself of this curse, until a wacky psychologist shows him that this could be used to his advantage! His first target is Darcy McGuire, the very woman that got the promotion he wanted. But just as his plan is beginning to work, love gets in the way...

Writers: Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa

Mel Gibson - Nick Marshall
Helen Hunt - Darcy Maguire
Marisa Tomei - Lola
Alan Alda - Dan Wanamaker
Ashley Johnson - Alex Marshall
Mark Feuerstein - Morgan Farwell
Lauren Holly - Gigi
Delta Burke - Eve
Valerie Perrine - Margo
Judy Greer - Erin the File Girl
Sarah Paulson - Annie
Ana Gasteyer - Sue Cranston
Lisa Edelstein - Dina
Loretta Devine - Flo the Doorwoman
Diana Maria Riva - Stella

Taglines: He has the power to hear everything women are thinking. Finally... a man is listening.

Release Date: 15 December 2000

Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $70,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $33,614,543 (USA) (17 December 2000) (3012 Screens)

Gross: $374,111,707 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

The Nike representatives are in fact the real Nike ad representatives and not actresses.

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Nick Marshall thinks he is going crazy and consults with his therapist, we see him enter the counseling office. The plaque on the door indicates that the therapist (Bette Midler) is a MA with a MFCC emphasis. He refers to her as Dr. Perkins. However, master's level therapists are not legally called doctors. They are known as psychotherapists. The only doctors who can conduct therapy are Ph.Ds, Psy.Ds, and MDs.

[first lines]
Woman: [voiceover] You know the expression, "a man's man". A man's man is the leader of the pack, the kind of man other men look up to, admire, and emulate. A man's man is the kind of man who - just doesn't get what women are about.
Gigi: Nick, my ex-husband, is the ultimate man's man. I probably never should have married him. I don't think he understood a thing about me.

User Review

For all us guys.

Rating: 7/10

A man suddenly finds himself able to read women's minds and actually know what women want from men.Now,what guy doesn't want to be in that position? This was a terrific idea for a film and it was executed to perfection.Who better than Mel Gibson to represent us in this situation? He's the one man women probably wish understood them.At any rate,Gibson really turns on the Gibson charm here and there's not a better film in which to do that.Helen Hunt makes a great leading lady and is her usual charming self.Also,from the supporting cast,it's always great to see Alan Alda,one of the most underrated actors of our time.This film starts with a very unique,funny idea,and it does not disappoint in terms of how good it can be executed.Well casted,well directed and very funny film.


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