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Release Year: 2015

Rating: 7.3/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Florian Gallenberger

Stars: Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl, Michael Nyqvist

Lena and Daniel, a young couple become entangled in the Chilean military coup of 1973. Daniel is abducted by Pinochet's secret police and Lena tracks him to a sealed off area in the South of the country, called Colonia Dignidad. The Colonia presents itself as a charitable mission run by lay preacher Paul Schäfer but, in fact, is a place nobody ever escaped from. Lena decides to join the cult in order to find Daniel. Based on true events.

Writers: Torsten Wenzel, Florian Gallenberger, Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl, Michael Nyqvist, Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl, Michael Nyqvist, Richenda Carey, Vicky Krieps, Jeanne Werner, Julian Ovenden, August Zirner, Martin Wuttke, Nicolás Barsoff, Steve Karier, Stefan Merki, Lucila Gandolfo, Johannes Allmayer, Gilles Soeder, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Emma Watson - Lena
Daniel Brühl - Daniel
Michael Nyqvist - Paul Schäfer
Richenda Carey - Gisela
Vicky Krieps - Ursel
Jeanne Werner - Doro
Julian Ovenden - Roman
August Zirner - German Ambassador
Martin Wuttke - Niels Biedermann
Nicolás Barsoff - Jorge
Steve Karier - Bernd
Stefan Merki - Rudi
Lucila Gandolfo - Colonia Doctor
Johannes Allmayer - Dieter
Gilles Soeder - Kurt


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Country: Germany, Luxembourg, France

Language: English, Spanish

Release Date: 3 Jan 2015

Filming Locations: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Box Office Details

Budget: $14,000,000 (estimated)

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Did You Know?

Filmed in Chile, Luxembourg, Germany and Argentina. See more »

When Lena and Daniel are driven to the airport near the end of the movie several large buildings show multiple Satelite-Dishes on their roofs - private sat-receivers were not in use in the seventies. See more »

User Review


Rating: 9/10

I've been to the premiere at the Film Festival in Zurich and I was moved by the movie, not because of the love story, but because of the irrefutable truth. The movie left me thinking and researching about its topic: Colognia Dignidad, a cult in Santiago de Chile. It conjures many ethical questions and portrays what humanity is capable of. The movie grips and doesn't let go of you till the end. The contents is real, except for the love story that forms the golden thread. One has to imagine that the movie portrays the life and the ways of Colognia Dignidad almost like a documentary without felt exaggeration, but it is still a movie with a story. Superb acting by Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl made the movie an even more intense experience. The only criticism I can make is that the love story is average in comparison to the rest. I believe that the characters actions don't always make much sense. All in all, it's one of the best movies I've seen this year and cannot be compared with the commercial films normally shown in cinemas.


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