Grand Canyon

January 10th, 1992


Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon revolved around six residents from different backgrounds whose lives intertwine in modern-day Los Angeles...

Release Year: 1991

Rating: 6.8/10 (9,253 voted)

Critic's Score: 64/100

Director: Lawrence Kasdan

Stars: Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Steve Martin

Grand Canyon revolved around six residents from different backgrounds whose lives intertwine in modern-day Los Angeles. At the center of the film is the unlikely friendship of two men from different races and classes brought together when one finds himself in jeopardy in the other's rough neighborhood.

Writers: Lawrence Kasdan, Meg Kasdan

Danny Glover - Simon
Kevin Kline - Mack
Steve Martin - Davis
Mary McDonnell - Claire
Mary-Louise Parker - Dee
Alfre Woodard - Jane
Jeremy Sisto - Roberto
Tina Lifford - Deborah
Patrick Malone - Otis
Randle Mell - The Alley Baron
Sarah Trigger - Vanessa
Destinee DeWalt - Kelley
Candace Mead - Claire's Baby
Lauren Mead - Claire's Baby (as Loren Mead)
Shaun Baker - Rocstar

Taglines: From the director of "The Big Chill." A story of friendship and other natural wonders.

Release Date: 10 January 1992

Filming Locations: Arizona, USA

Gross: $33,243,020 (USA)

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Did You Know?

The scene where Mack is nearly killed by a bus, was taken from writer/director Lawrence Kasdan's own life.

Continuity: State of Mac's bandage during the earthquake.

Dee: Jane, do you ever feel like you are just this far from being completely hysterical twenty four hours a day?
Jane: Half the people I know feel that way. The lucky ones feel that way. The rest of the people ARE hysterical twenty four hours a day.

User Review

Damned To Stay The Unheard Poem Of Our Lives


This is and will stay Hollywood's most criminally underrated movie about life... and how to live with it. No smart answers. No solutions. But every worth-while question gets its honest reflection.

Sometimes sentimental. Sometimes giving up on the unsolved future. Sometimes kissing the brow of the undeserving. Always scary and beautiful.

I know, not really a logical assessment, but if you saved yourself a fraction of your... well... 'innocense'..., a fraction of your desire for a solid horizon to look at, you will love this movie without a second consideration, and you'll need a LOT more time to explain that to yourself.

A very personal confession: The soundtrack makes me cry over what I've lost and gambled away for the prize of cynical safety. Nothing will come back. I am the child of black jokes. But 'Grand Canyon' reminds me of the ever-lasting loophole into hope.

This is the movie I will never be able to praise sensibly.

'Grand Canyon' will stay my guilty pleasure.

This is a truly beautiful movie. I had almost forgotten in my hard-boiled pride what that word means..., until I watched 'Grand Canyon'..., and had to watch it again... and again...



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