August 4th, 1995



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A virtual-reality serial killer manages to escape into the real world.

Release Year: 1995

Rating: 5.4/10 (13,692 voted)

Critic's Score: 39/100

Director: Brett Leonard

Stars: Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Kelly Lynch

The Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre (LETAC) has developed SID version 6.7: a Sadistic, Intelligent, and Dangerous virtual reality entity which is synthesized from the personalities of more than 150 serial killers. LETAC would like to train police officers by putting them in VR with SID, but they must prove the concept by using prisoners as test subjects. One such prisoner is ex-cop Parker Barnes. When SID manages to inject his personality into a nano-machine android, it appears that Barnes might be the only one who can stop him.

Denzel Washington - Lt. Parker Barnes
Kelly Lynch - Madison Carter
Russell Crowe - SID 6.7
Stephen Spinella - Lindenmeyer
William Forsythe - William Cochran
Louise Fletcher - Elizabeth Deane
William Fichtner - Wallace
Costas Mandylor - John Donovan
Kevin J. O'Connor - Clyde Reilly
Kaley Cuoco - Karin Carter
Christopher Murray - Matthew Grimes
Heidi Schanz - Sheila 3.2
Traci Lords - Media Zone Singer
Gordon Jennison Noice - Big Red (as J. Gordon Noice)
Mari Morrow - Linda Barnes

Taglines: Justice needs a new program

Release Date: 4 August 1995

Filming Locations: Hollywood Forever Cemetery - 6000 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $30,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $24,048,000 (USA)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?

Amongst the names of serial killers shown in Sid 6.7's personality profile are David Koresh, Thomas McIlvane, Frederick Cowan, William Bonin, Harvey Glatman, Peter Kuten, William Bryan Cruse, Charles Whitmore, Aileen Carol Wournos, Peter Sutcliffe, Kenneth McDuff, Jesse James, Dr. Glennon Engleman, Harvey Carignan, Dr. Geza de Kaplany, Norman Selby, Juan Peron, Winnie Ruth Judd, Matthew Grimes, Augosto Pinoche, Carl Panzram, Abu Nidal, Ted Bundy, Wesley Allan Dodd, Roger Dale Stafford, Elizabeth Borden, Mark Essex, Billy the Kid, Lynette Fromme, Larry Eyler, Clem Henderson, David Hendricks, Coral Eugene Watts, William McDonald, Richard Trenton Chase, Sirhan Sirhan, Josef Mengele, Ed Kemper, Edward Leonski, John Collins, Julian Knight, John Haigh, Carlton Gary, Vaughn Greenwood, Nicolae Ceausescu, Randy Kraft, Miguel Rivera, Dean Allen Corli, William Suff, Werner Boost, Thierry Paulin, Richard Trenton Chase, David Burke, Donald Harvey, Vernon Butts, Bruno Hauptman, Ralph Jerome Selz, John Duffy, Carl Weiss, Gerald Eugene Stano, Benito Mussolini, Paul Calden, Richard Farley, Ian Brady, Joseph Harris, Hiro Hito, Lynwood C. Drake, Saddam Hussein, Gilles De Rais, Herman Mudgett, Donald Nielson, Robert R. Diaz, and Joe Ball.

Continuity: When Barnes shoots the woman on the train she falls on her back. In a later shot she is shown lying on her stomach.

SID 6.7: Ahhh... I'm losing too much of myself.

User Review

A True Guilty Pleasure!


This was really something else. It was very bad, but damn, I got such a kick out of it. Russell played his role to the hilt. My favorite scene was when the investigator people were talking and they said, "Sid is evolving." Another one of them asked, "Into what?". Cut to Sid doing a cocky sort of walk down the street while decked out in a pair of shades and while "Staying Alive" by the BeeGees is playing. It has to be seen to be believed. I started laughing hysterically right then and there.

I swear that Russ must have known what pure camp quality this was. I bet he had a great time filming it. I must commend everyone, especially Mr.Crowe, for being able to keep a straight face while putting this on.

I only have one real complaint about this movie. You'd think that considering Sid had all these serial killers in his head, he'd be a little more perverse. I mean, most deranged killers have a sadistic sexual side. I would have really liked to have seen that. But I guess it would have become too serious if they added that.


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