Adam's Apples

April 15th, 2005


Adam's Apples

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A neo-nazi sentenced to community service at a church clashes with the blindly devotional priest.

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 7.8/10 (14,959 voted)

Critic's Score: 51/100

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen

Stars: Ulrich Thomsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Nicolas Bro

Ivan is a priest in a rural church known for the apples that grow on a large tree in front. He's odd: seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, in denial about personal facts, and convinced he's at war with Satan. The rectory is a half-way house for recently paroled convicts. Adam arrives for 12 weeks, a large, tough neo-Nazi, first baffled by Ivan's thick-headed optimism, then angry. He vows to break Ivan's faith. Meanwhile, in exasperation at Ivan's insistence, Adam sets a personal goal: to bake an apple pie. All goes awry for the tree: crows, worms, lightening. The Book of Job gives Adam perverse insight, and his hooligan mates provide the resolution's spring.

Ulrich Thomsen - Adam Pedersen
Mads Mikkelsen - Ivan
Nicolas Bro - Gunnar
Paprika Steen - Sarah Svendsen
Ali Kazim - Khalid
Ole Thestrup - Dr. Kolberg
Nikolaj Lie Kaas - Holger
Gyrd Løfquist - Poul Nordkap
Lars Ranthe - Esben
Peter Reichhardt - Nalle
Tomas Villum Jensen - Arne
Peter Lambert - Jørgen
Solvej K. Christensen - Pige på tankstation
Rasmus Rise Michaelsen - Ung fyr på tankstation #1
Jacob-Ole Remming - Ung fyr på tankstation #2 (as Jacob Ole Remming)


Official Website: Official site [Denmark] | Outsider Pictures [United States] |

Release Date: 15 April 2005

Filming Locations: Fåborg, Fyn, Denmark

Opening Weekend: $1,305 (USA) (18 March 2007) (1 Screen)

Gross: $1,305 (USA) (18 March 2007)

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Did You Know?

According to the making of-featurette on the DVD, the scene with the crows eating apples was planned to be computer-generated, until a few Czechs showed up with four boxes of real life trained crows, and in the end everything worked out fine for a minimum of cost.

Khalid: [a lightning goes down in the church, and burns the new oven] God damnit! It was all fresh!

User Review

An extreme and wonderful movie

Rating: 10/10

I went to see this film last night. I had no expectations going in to it, other than the fact that I really love Danish films and the actor Mads Mikkelsen. The movie really blew me away. The story is told in such a way that you find yourself laughing in the strangest places, you get really shocked in other places and the communication between the persons is extreme and wild! The acting from all of the actor's is superb!You go out of the movie theater with a smile on you face at the same time you find yourself reflecting on some of the key questions on life itself..

Go out and watch it as soon as possible!


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