Bad Boy Bubby

April 26th, 2005


Bad Boy Bubby

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Bubby's buxom mother tricked him to stay locked at home for thirty years, during which she mounts and abuses him. Buddy ends up in the streets groping random women until finding a nurse who is even more buxom than his late mother.

Release Year: 1993

Rating: 7.3/10 (4,935 voted)

Director: Rolf de Heer

Stars: Nicholas Hope, Claire Benito, Ralph Cotterill

Bad Boy Bubby is just that: a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that his mother has kept him locked in their house for his entire thirty years, convincing him that the air outside is poisonous. After a visit from his estranged father, circumstances force Bubby into the waiting world, a place which is just as unusual to him as he is to the world.

Nicholas Hope - Bubby
Claire Benito - Mam
Ralph Cotterill - Pop
Syd Brisbane - Yobbo
Nikki Price - Screaming Woman
Ullie Birve - Robbed Woman (as Ulli Birve)
Audine Leith - Fondled Salvo
Natalie Carr - Cherie the Salvo
Lucia Mastrantone - Pizza Waitress
Carmel Johnson - Angel
Jip De Heer - Treelopper
James Ammitzboll - Little
Grant Piro - Salesman
Celine O'Leary - Woman in Mercedes
Dave Flannagan - Cop / Warder (as Dave Flanagan)

Taglines: He's been in his room for 35 years. It's time to let him out!


Official Website: Official site |

Release Date: 26 April 2005

Filming Locations: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Box Office Details

Budget: $750,000 (estimated)

Gross: AUD 808,789 (Australia) (19 April 2004)

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Did You Know?

The entire movie was shot in sequence. This made it easier for Bubby to mimic previous character's dialogue since he had a chance to hear it preformed first.

[after nurse Angel lets Buddy see her huge breasts while she gives him a shower]
Bubby: They be beautiful... like mom.
Angel: You don't think they're too big?
Bubby: They make perfection.

User Review

Crazy, insane, black, funny, terrifying, weird, SUPERB.

Rating: 10/10

This film changed my life. No, really. It was a Friday night, and the parents were away. I was on my own in front of the television, and Channel 4 (UK + Irish viewers will know of it) was showing Bad Boy Bubby as part of some cult film season. Well, to cut a long story short, I was glued to the screen for the duration of the film (I drooled and stared at it during the commercial breaks) and when it was over, I realised that the dinner was entirely burnt. Not a particularly relevant story, you may think, but note that the television was IN THE KITCHEN, mere feet from the oven. That's how good this film is. It features possibly the greatest crazy monologue ever committed to celluloid (the pub/microphone scene), two of the most disturbing murders in any movie I've seen (and I've seen thousands), one of the most unsettling relationships I've seen, and an unbelievable central performance. This film is darker than dark, and stranger than Eraserhead. Just as Bubby is on his own throughout the film, so is the viewer. Alone, confused and disturbed beyond words.

And I've never thought of the Salvation Army in the same way since.



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