Bird on a Wire

May 18th, 1990


Bird on a Wire

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Still of Mel Gibson in Bird on a WireStill of Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn in Bird on a WireStill of Goldie Hawn in Bird on a WireStill of Mel Gibson in Bird on a WireStill of Mel Gibson and Joan Severance in Bird on a WireStill of Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn in Bird on a Wire

A FBI informant has kept his new identity secret for 15 years, now an old flame has recognised him and the bad guys are back for revenge.

Release Year: 1990

Rating: 5.6/10 (15,929 voted)

Director: John Badham

Stars: Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn, David Carradine

Rick has been given a new identity by the FBI for helping convict a drug dealing FBI agent. Fifteen years later his former fiance recognises him. Rick's FBI 'minder' has been replaced by a corrupt agent who helps the drug dealing FBI agent and his accomplice locate him. There are many subsequent chase scenes as Rick and girlfriend revisit his former haunts.

Writers: Louis Venosta, Eric Lerner

Mel Gibson - Rick Jarmin
Goldie Hawn - Marianne Graves
David Carradine - Eugene Sorenson
Bill Duke - Albert Diggs
Stephen Tobolowsky - Joe Weyburn
Joan Severance - Rachel Varney
Harry Caesar - Marvin
Jeff Corey - Lou Baird
Alex Bruhanski - Raun
John Pyper-Ferguson - Jamie
Clyde Kusatsu - Mr. Takawaki
Jackson Davies - Paul Bernard
Florence Paterson - Molly Baird
Tim Healy - Paul
Wes Tritter - Scottie

Taglines: He's every woman's dream and one woman's nightmare

Release Date: 18 May 1990

Filming Locations: 3rd Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $20,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $15,300,000 (USA)

Gross: $70,980,000 (USA)

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Did You Know?

The name of the man who runs the hotel that Mel and Goldie check into following the helicopter chase is Norman as it is in Psycho

Continuity: When Rick & Marianne are escaping across the top of the hotel room it is only minutes after her 'early' breakfast was delivered @ ten to seven. As they crawl across the framework on th hotel roof a clock in the background is showing around 07:30. When Rick falls and clambers back up, less than a minute later the clock is showing nearer 08:00

Rick Jarmin: You come to Detroit and you rent a Beamer? That's like going to Germany and eating Jimmy Dean sausages!

User Review

Good standard dumb action movie!!

Rating: 7/10

This is a middle of the road but enjoyable action comedy. John Badham a veteran of the action genre handles proceedings with flair and paces the movie well. The film hardly lulls despite a someone choppy ending set in a zoo. The film is routine but gets by with the likable leads, Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn. Gibson was making a name for himself as an action man by this time having already done 3 Mad Max films and 2 Lethal Weapon movies. Gibson's everyman likability and at the same time tough guy physique worked well in these movies, despite wasting his acting ability, with the exception of a great role in Lethal Weapon. At the same time as Gibson evading death by the pursuing dirty lawmen, David Carradine and Bill Duke, Goldie Hawn seems to be in her very own light-hearted Goldie movie about the posh bird who learns there is more to life than money and essentially she is still acting from her previous movie, Overboard. Despite this Hawn is likable and has good chemistry with Gibson. The trademark showing of her ass is once again here and Hawn parades her derrière in her movies even more than Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film also features the gorgeous and future queen of soft core, erotic, B-movies Joan Severance.

The film has some good action scenes and plenty of on screen carnage and thanks to Badhams brisk direction it engages. The story maybe wafer thin but the film moves by so quickly it is difficult not to enjoy. The chemistry between the two leads more than make up for the clichéd by the numbers performances of the bad guys Carradine and Duke. Carradine is so far from his great performance in Kill Bill 2 that you have to wonder why it takes so much inspiration to coax a performance from the man whose wooden demeanour has led to him being a B-movie staple for nearly 20 years.

Overall this is enjoyable stuff and typical of the sort of harmless and moronic fun action movies of the 80's. ***


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