June 16th, 2011



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Still of Uma Thurman and Lee Pace in CeremonyStill of Michael Angarano in CeremonyUma Thurman at event of CeremonyStill of Lee Pace in CeremonyStill of Uma Thurman in CeremonyStill of Uma Thurman in Ceremony

Two friends are off on a weekend outing. Marshall thinks the trip is to re-establish their friendship, but Sam has ulterior motives in mind as he crashes the wedding of a woman he still loves.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 5.6/10 (1,563 voted)

Critic's Score: 40/100

Director: Max Winkler

Stars: Michael Angarano, Uma Thurman, Reece Thompson

Sam has roped his friend Marshall into going on a weekend outing. Marshall thinks the trip is about re-establishing their friendship, while Sam has ulterior motives - namely, trying to win back Zoe, a woman he loves. Sam talks his way into getting them invited to a party at a beach house where Zoe is getting married to Whit. While Marshall goes through all the emotions of deceit, like anger, depression and acceptance, Sam is trying all of the angles in trying to win Zoe back.

Uma Thurman - Zoe
Jake M. Johnson - Teddy
Michael Angarano - Sam Davis
Lee Pace - Whit Coutell
Rebecca Mader - Esme Ball
Reece Thompson - Marshall Schmidt
Brooke Bloom - Margaret Cornish
Harper Dill - Carol Archer
Nathalie Love - Blonde Maid
Joe Dolinsky - Chef #2
Charlie Moss - Nico Spicer / Party Guest #1
Oscar J. Castillo - Chef
Paul Amodeo - Bruce Singer

Taglines: He's the love of her life. She just doesn't know it yet.


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Release Date: 16 June 2011

Filming Locations: Long Island, New York, USA

Gross: $21,666 (USA) (15 May 2011)

Did You Know?

Michael Angarano was originally cast to play as the best friend and Jesse Eisenberg was to play Sam, but Eisenberg dropped out and Angarano was promoted to the lead role.

Marshall Schmidt: [referring to book in his hand] You recommended this to me a long time ago. You said you felt it was written about you.
Sam Davis: Yeah, well, those were my younger and more vulnerable years.

User Review

One Note Quirky little indie movie, could have been lot more funnier...

Rating: 5/10

CEREMONY – CATCH IT ( B- ) Ceremony is a quirky little movie about young guy crashing the wedding of the woman he loves. The movie is smart, funny and full of good performances by the lead stars. Michael Angarano & Reece Thompson's bromance sold this out for me. Their scenes have very dark humor to it. Michael Angarano hopelessly in love is something to see, he brings the madness to the movie. Uma Thurman after Kill Bill did something decent enough otherwise it's been long time she has appeared in something not mediocre. Lee Pace is weird and out of his box. The movie is quirky & funny but lacks big time in screenplay. The whole time story just stays from where it started. To be honest nothing change till the very last moment, and even in last moment you've to imagine that that's how it will end. Sometimes, I wanted to see big jumps or shocking twists in the screenplay, but it never happened so the whole time it stays on the same note from where it all started. Anyways, I won't say it was boring but I think it has the potential to be lot funnier. Overall, watch for its performances and overall vibe, it's enjoyable.


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