December 9th, 1994



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Allan Rich and Demi Moore in Allan Rich and Demi Moore in Kelly Preston at event of DisclosureAllan Rich headshot from Ben Kingsley at event of DisclosureWarren Beatty and Annette Bening at event of Disclosure

A computer specialist is sued for sexual harassment by a former lover turned boss who initiated the act forcefully, which threatens both his career and his personal life.

Release Year: 1994

Rating: 5.9/10 (19,955 voted)

Critic's Score: 58/100

Director: Barry Levinson

Stars: Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland

With his company about to merge, a happily married and successful computer expert is expecting a promotion. Instead the job goes to a woman from another plant with whom he had an affair in his bachelor days. His new boss, not only dangerously sexy but equally dangerously ambitious, has climbed the corporate ladder by exerting undue influence on the CEO. She apparently tries to pick up where they left off but he just about manages to resist. This liaison is soon revealed to be part of her master plan to consolidate power and use Tom as a scapegoat to cover her technical misdeeds. As his position at work comes under increasing pressure he decides to file charges of sexual harassment. This is the last thing the company needs.

Writers: Michael Crichton, Paul Attanasio

Michael Douglas - Tom Sanders
Demi Moore - Meredith Johnson
Donald Sutherland - Bob Garvin
Caroline Goodall - Susan Hendler
Roma Maffia - Catherine Alvarez
Dylan Baker - Philip Blackburn
Rosemary Forsyth - Stephanie Kaplan
Dennis Miller - Mark Lewyn
Suzie Plakson - Mary Anne Hunter
Nicholas Sadler - Don Cherry
Jacqueline Kim - Cindy Chang
Joe Urla - John Conley Jr
Michael Chieffo - Stephen Chase
Joseph Attanasio - Furillo
Faryn Einhorn - Eliza Sanders

Taglines: Sex Is Power

Release Date: 9 December 1994

Filming Locations: Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $32,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $212,000,000 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

Before the publication of The Andromeda Strain, Michael Crichton had written under many pseudonyms, one being Michael Douglas.

Errors in geography: When Tom is driving to the Bainbridge - Seattle ferry at the beginning of the movie (with the Mt. Rainier in the background), he's actually driving away from the ferry down a dead end road on the island.

Meredith Johnson: Let's get down to business.

User Review

Very Satisfying Story

Rating: 8/10

This was satisfying to watch, just to see justice done to an evil character (played well by Demi Moore). It's also refreshing - and astonishing - to see the flip side of the coin: a man accusing a woman of sexual harassment and proving it! What a unique twist, almost unheard of in the Liberal world of mainstream films.

Michael Douglas co-stars with Moore and is good, too, but I found Douglas' lawyer "Catherine Alvarez" played by Roma Maffia, to be the most interesting of them all and making the most profound statements in this tale of "power" (not sex).

Donald Sutherland gives another convincing performance as a "bad guy" as well. That's a role he seems best suited to play. All the actors are good on this adaption from a Michael Crichton book.

The radical feminists didn't like this movie, so you know the the film has something going for it besides good acting and dialog. They want everything slanted to them, but as it's pointed out in the film, things can go both ways.....and what's wrong with an even playing field?


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