Girls Just Want to Have Fun

April 12th, 1985


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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Janey is new in town, and soon meets Lynne, who shares her passion for dancing in general, and "Dance TV" in particular...

Release Year: 1985

Rating: 5.5/10 (4,180 voted)

Director: Alan Metter

Stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Montgomery, Helen Hunt

Janey is new in town, and soon meets Lynne, who shares her passion for dancing in general, and "Dance TV" in particular. When a competition is announced to find a new Dance TV regular couple, Janey and Lynne are determined to audition. The only problem is that Janey's father doesn't approve of that kind of thing.

Sarah Jessica Parker - Janey Glenn
Lee Montgomery - Jeff Malene
Helen Hunt - Lynne Stone
Morgan Woodward - J.P. Sands
Ed Lauter - Colonel Glenn
Jonathan Silverman - Drew Boreman
Holly Gagnier - Natalie Sands
Margaret Howell - Mrs. Glenn
Terence McGovern - Ira
Shannen Doherty - Maggie Malene
Biff Yeager - Mr. Malene
Kristi Somers - Rikki
Ian Giatti - Zach Glenn
Richard Blade - DTV Host
Lee Arnone - Mrs. Lemsky

Taglines: Life will be serious soon enough. But for now...

Release Date: 12 April 1985

Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Technical Specs


Continuity: Jeff's shirt changes from red to blue/purple after the first practice session with Janie.

Drew: Patty and I have a little business to attend to. The term papers are in- Eisonhower, Johnson, Kennedy...
Patty: Kennedy! Oh, he was so cute! How much?
Drew: A date with me.
Patty: I'll take Johnson.

User Review

I still love this movie!


I just rewatched it on the comedy channel. It's such a feelgood movie. It makes you want to dance. I always wished for a sequel. I would love to see how the characters turned out years later. Sarah and Helen are great in this movie. And I think Sarah did alot of her own stunts because she was doing gymnastics at the time. The dancing is great and the music is pure 80's fun. The movie has a good storyline that moves along with just the right amount of suspense and timing. This is a fun, feelgood dance movie. I highly recommend it.


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