Head Over Heels

February 2nd, 2001


Head Over Heels

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Still of Monica Potter and Freddie Prinze Jr. in Head Over HeelsJim, Amanda, Holly, Roxana, Jade & CandiAmanda's model roommatesCandi, Amanda, Jade and HollyHolly, Jade, Roxanna, Lisa, Candi and AmandaDirector Mark Waters and producer Robert Simonds

A young woman is attracted to a man despite her thinking she's seen him kill someone.

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 4.9/10 (7,624 voted)

Critic's Score: 27/100

Director: Mark Waters

Stars: Monica Potter, Freddie Prinze Jr., Shalom Harlow

Amanda Pierce is from Iowa and works as a restorer of Renaissance paintings for the New York Metropolitan Museum. She has just finished another frustrating relationship, when she found her boy-friend with a model on her bed. She decides to move and share a flat with four stupid but nice super-models. She meets Jim Winston, who lives in front of her window. She falls in love with him. One day, she sees Jim killing a woman - Megan O'Brien - through her window and Amanda and her four roommates decide to investigate what really happened.

Writers: John J. Strauss, Ed Decter

Monica Potter - Amanda
Freddie Prinze Jr. - Jim Winston
Shalom Harlow - Jade
Ivana Milicevic - Roxana
Sarah Murdoch - Candi (as Sarah O'Hare)
Tomiko Fraser - Holly
China Chow - Lisa
Jay Brazeau - Halloran / Strukov
Stanley DeSantis - Alfredo
Erin-Marie Dykeman - 10 Year-Old Amanda
James Kirk - Tommy
Elysa Hogg - Tommy's Girlfriend
Kristina Lewis - 17 Year-Old Amanda
Ben Silverman - Charlie
Sam MacMillan - Charlie's Date

Taglines: How does it feel to fall head over heels?


Official Website: Universal Pictures |

Release Date: 2 February 2001

Filming Locations: Bryant Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $14,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $4,804,595 (USA) (4 February 2001) (2338 Screens)

Gross: $10,397,365 (USA) (4 March 2001)

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Did You Know?

Amanda's character has symptoms of Stendhal Syndrome, a condition where seeing a beautiful piece of art or something particularly pleasing to the eye can cause symptoms including dizziness and fainting.

Continuity: When Amanda moves into the apartment, Jade, Roxanna, Holly and Candi run up to her to convince her to lend Jade her top. All four models are topless, but by the time that they get to the front door, they all have their tops on, and their new tops are different from the ones they were trying on before.

Roxana: [underneath Holly] Oh. You borrowed my panties again.

User Review

Cute movie, for someone in the mood for slapstick, physical comedy.


I predicted the "critics" would review this film poorly, and I was right. If I were a professional (paid) critic, I'd feel obligated too. But as a fun film to watch for sheer entertainment, my wife and I thought it was a hoot. The plot isn't terribly important, but it involves an FBI agent (Prinze) trying to solve a diamond smuggling crime ring while falling for a pretty art restorer (Potter). It would be a very straight and un-funny film without the four models!!

Potter's character needs a new place when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her, so finds what amounts to a large closet with a window for rent at $500 a month ("cash, please, if you can") in a luxury apartment that is given to four models. They like to rent out the "extra room" for a little spending money. But these models are funny, say the darndest things, fall over things, into things, and generally make the slapstick part of the film work. Along with a Great Dane that runs and knocks Potter down every time he sees her - except the last time!

None of the acting is great, but it is all OK. The dialog is snappy and funny most of the time. Film fans who enjoy "Dumb and Dumber", "Happy Gilmore", and "High Heels and Low Lifes" would probably also enjoy "Head Over Heels." I rate it "7" of 10 for sheer fun.


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