High Life

January 3rd, 2009


High Life

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Four hapless junkies plan to rob a bank.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.1/10 (1,982 voted)

Director: Gary Yates

Stars: Timothy Olyphant, Stephen Eric McIntyre, Rossif Sutherland

It's 1983, and hopeless junkie Dick gets an unwelcome visit from the past - his seriously sleazy former cellmate, Bug, to be precise. Bug requires a crash course in the 80s: different music, different drugs, and machines in walls that dispense money. The latter development gives Dick an idea.

Writers: Lee MacDougall, Lee MacDougall

Timothy Olyphant - Dick
Stephen Eric McIntyre - Bug
Rossif Sutherland - Billy
Joe Anderson - Donnie
Jon Ted Wynne - Strung Out Doctor
Steve Ratzlaff - Prison Guard
Mark McKinney - Jeremy
Ernesto Griffith - Ken
Kelly Wolfman - Lynn
Turk Scatliff - Jamie
Leigh Enns - Addict #1
Will Woytowich - Addict #2
Susan Kelso - Addict #3
Harry Nelken - Addict #4
Tracy Beemer - Nurse (as Tracy McMahon)

Taglines: The perfect crime... the not so-perfect team


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2009

Filming Locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Opening Weekend: $1,088 (USA) (10 January 2010) (1 Screen)

Anachronisms: The Mercedes Benz used to leave the garage is a 1987 model. Also, even if it were a 1983 it is in really poor condition. Also the car is equipped with a detachable face CD player. While CD's were commercially available in 1983 detachable face players were not.

Donnie: Dick...
Dick: What is it, Donnie?
Donnie: Uh, can I get a nickle?
Dick: Donnie, why are you asking me for...
Donnie: I don't have any money.

User Review

My 314th Review: One of the better crime comedies around

Rating: 7/10

This is low down fun. It has a very well-scripted, plotted, and thought through feel to it and there really are worse ways to send your time.

It reminded us a lot of Australian cinema, where losers just keep on losing but just more and more outrageously, and it is a film that makes you laugh mostly 'cos it ain't you.

All the characters are exactly that, characters, and all of them are nicely done. Everything from the get go just works and the take on the 80s is pitch perfect - no Reaganomics and Wall Street here, this is 70s hangover time to perfection.

A fun little movie with heart, drugs, and great, great incompetence...


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