November 23rd, 1994



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Still of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Thompson and Ivan Reitman in JuniorStill of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson in JuniorStill of Emma Thompson in JuniorStill of Frank Langella in JuniorStill of Arnold Schwarzenegger in JuniorStill of Emma Thompson in Junior

As part of a fertility research project, a male scientist agrees to carry a pregnancy in his own body.

Release Year: 1994

Rating: 4.4/10 (28,076 voted)

Director: Ivan Reitman

Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Emma Thompson

Alex Hesse and Larry Arbogast are working on a new drug which will reduce the chances of a woman's body rejecting an embryo and thus causing a miscarriage. When their research funding is withdrawn, and human experimentation is denied to them, they decide to test the drug by breifly impregnating Hesse. Hesse however becomes attached to "his" unborn baby.

Writers: Kevin Wade, Chris Conrad

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Dr. Alex Hesse
Danny DeVito - Dr. Larry Arbogast
Emma Thompson - Dr. Diana Reddin
Frank Langella - Noah Banes
Pamela Reed - Angela
Aida Turturro - Louise
James Eckhouse - Ned Sneller
Megan Cavanagh - Willow
Welker White - Jenny
Kathleen Chalfant - Casitas Madres Receptionist
Merle Kennedy - Samantha
Judy Collins - Naomi
Mindy Seeger - Alice
Christopher Meloni - Mr. Lanzarotta
Antoinette Peragine - Mrs. Lanzarotta

Taglines: Nothing is inconceivable

Release Date: 23 November 1994

Filming Locations: 2552 Hyde Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Gross: $36,763,355 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Arnold Schwarzenegger spent time in doctors' waiting rooms to learn how pregnant people behave.

Continuity: When Alex pushes Noah Banes into a stack of shelves, equipment is knocked to the floor and a leg is broken off the stack of shelves. The next shot shows the equipment is in different positions and there are another two legs broken off the shelves.

[Dr. Reddin has found out Alex is carrying her baby]
Dr. Diana Reddin: Why should I be upset! You lie to me. You... STEAL from me. You engage in a utterly selfish, IMMORAL, arrogant stunt without any regard for my feelings whatsoever. What am I supposed to be, grateful? This is just SO MALE!

User Review

Silly but fun

Rating: 7/10

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant. That's about it. The premise is ridiculous, the twists and turns in the plot are mind-bogglingly stupid and every joke is predictable and hammered at you--but I still like this film! The script does have it's moments, but the performances really carry this one.

Arnie is suprisingly very funny when he becomes pregnant (when asks DeVito in all seriousness "Does my body disgust you?" I broke up); DeVito is just along for the ride but is good--he's the straight man to Arnie; Emma Thompson is just gorgeous, very funny and full of life as a clumsy scientist. Also Judy Collins (yes, the singer) pops up looking radiant as the head of a center for pregnant women. Everything looks wonderful and the film is slickly made to cater the the audience. I usually hate films like that, but this worked. The only bad part is Pamela Reed--she's a wonderful actress and comediene but she's shamefully underused--she doesn't get any good funny scenes till the end. Also, where else will you see Arnie in a dress?

It's a one joke film. Is it a good film? No. Do I like it? Very much. Call it a guilty favorite.

One complaint--at 2 hours it's too long. Couldn't it have been trimmed a little?


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