Land Ho!

July 12th, 2014


Land Ho!

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A pair of former brothers-in-law embark on a road trip through Iceland.

Release Year: 2014

Rating: 7.1/10 (96 voted)

Critic's Score: 68/100

Director: Aaron Katz

Stars: Earl Lynn Nelson, Paul Eenhoorn, Daníel Gylfason

A pair of ex-brothers-in-law set off to Iceland in an attempt to reclaim their youth through Reykjavik nightclubs, trendy spas, and rugged campsites. This bawdy adventure is a throwback to 1980s road trip comedies, as well as a candid exploration of aging, loneliness, and friendship.

Writers: Aaron Katz, Martha Stephens

Earl Lynn Nelson - Mitch
Paul Eenhoorn - Colin
Daníel Gylfason - Rental Car Employee
Þrúður Kristjánsdóttir - Hotel Restaurant Waitress
Karrie Crouse - Ellen
Elizabeth McKee - Janet
Arnar Guðmundsson - Dill Chef
Magnús Kr. Guðmundsson - Dill Maître D'
Bjarni Tryggvason - Dill Waiter
Emmsjé Gauti - Glow Stick Guy
Benjamin Kasulke - Honeymooner
Christina Jennings - Honeymooner
Alice Olivia Clarke - Nadine
Halldóra Guðjónsdóttir - Bikini Girl
Amy Yoder - Bikini Girl


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Country: Iceland, USA

Language: English

Release Date: 11 July 2014

Filming Locations: Iceland

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User Review


Rating: 1/10

Two older gentlemen go to Iceland on a vacation. That's it. There is no story. Although the protagonists' back story would seem to provide enough framework on which to construct a plot, there is no plot. It is a vacation movie.

Without a story to tell, the film relies solely on character development. You get to see elderly people smoke a joint, use profanity, and fart. Some members of the audience I was with did seem to enjoy the personalities of the protagonists. This viewer found them to be the opposite of charismatic.

Nothing new gets revealed except the scenery of Iceland. At least Iceland looks somewhat appealing.


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