Looking for Eric

May 27th, 2009


Looking for Eric

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Still of Steve Evets and John Henshaw in Looking for EricLooking for EricStill of Eric Cantona and Steve Evets in Looking for EricStill of Eric Cantona and Steve Evets in Looking for EricStill of Eric Cantona in Looking for EricStill of Steve Evets in Looking for Eric

Eric, a football fanatic postman whose life is descending into crisis, receives some life coaching from the famously philosophical Eric Cantona.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 7.1/10 (7,392 voted)

Critic's Score: 66/100

Director: Ken Loach

Stars: Steve Evets, Eric Cantona, Stephanie Bishop

Eric Bishop, a middle-aged postman working for the Manchester sorting office, is going through a dreadful crisis. For starters, his second life companion has not resurfaced although she was released from prison a few months ago. He is left alone with two stepsons to look after, which is no bed of roses since the two teens disrespect him and keep disobeying him. To make matters worse, Ryan, the older boy, fascinated by Zac, a dangerous gangster, has accepted to hide his gun in Eric's house. On the other hand, he is asked by Sam, his student daughter who has a newborn baby,to get back in touch with Lily, his separated wife. Now, Eric left her not long after she gave back to their daughter. As a result Eric panics... Having lost all his bearings, Eric Bishop soliloquizes face to the poster of his idol, another Eric, French footballer Eric Cantona, when the latter appears just like the genie out of Aladdin's lamp...

Steve Evets - Eric Bishop
Eric Cantona - Himself
Stephanie Bishop - Lily
Gerard Kearns - Ryan
Stefan Gumbs - Jess
Lucy-Jo Hudson - Sam
Cole Williams - Daisy
Dylan Williams - Daisy
Matthew McNulty - Young Eric
Laura Ainsworth - Young Lily
Maxton G. Beesley - Eric's Father (as Maxton Beesley)
Kelly Bowland - Ryan's Girlfriend
Julie Brown - Nurse
John Henshaw - Meatballs
Justin Moorhouse - Spleen

Taglines: To win back the love of his life, Eric's going to need a little training.


Official Website: Diaphana [France] | Icon Film Distribution [uk] |

Release Date: 27 May 2009

Filming Locations: Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, UK

Opening Weekend: $6,743 (USA) (16 May 2010) (2 Screens)

Gross: $55,804 (USA) (27 June 2010)

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Did You Know?

John Henshaw, who plays a postal worker, is also one of the faces of the national Post Office in the UK.

Continuity: On the bus going to the raid, the clock reports 12:12. Then, the camera goes on the passengers. When back on the bus clock, it reports 12:38.

Unknown: God once said: "Leave your wi... you can change your wife, change your politics, change your religion. But never, never can you change your favourite football team!"

User Review

It score's with me ...

Rating: 8/10

I think that Ken Loach has produced another winner here – it is a story of a Eric Bishop (Steve Evets), a postman going though some hard times and not being able to cope with life in general – with a painful break-up behind him, a dysfunctional home life, step kids that ignore him, he decides to escape from it all by driving the wrong way around a round-about … this prompts his friends to rally around to help him – suggesting self help techniques (very comical!) and adopting role models … and Eric B. adopts his main influence as Eric Cantona – who in his mind's eye becomes our Eric's life coach and mentor

Eric's friends and work colleagues from the Post Office are hilarious and whenever they are on screen it is very funny – especially the character "Meatballs" – played with great aplomb by John Henshaw. Other very good performances were portrayed by Stephanie Bishop (as Lily) and of course by Eric Cantona playing himself …

At times this film is sad, and at others truly funny – but you do take to the characters and ride along the emotional roller-coaster – because you actually start caring about the characters and what is happening to them

Just when it seemed all was lost for Eric B. and his family – there is then a superb twist in the plot (I won't give it away here) – and you won't see it coming! – that leads to a very fitting, uplifting finale to a very well told / acted / directed story I am not a Man Utd. Fan, but this film still has a lot to recommend it – and I must say, that Eric Cantona grows on you more and more as the movie goes along

This film's message is not really about football – it's more about the value of friends and people you can rely on when all seems lost … and as Cantona states "Trust your teammates – always – or your are nothing!"

I found "Looking for Eric" to be a very enjoyable film - recommended!


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