Lost River

April 10th, 2015


Lost River

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A single mother is swept into a dark underworld, while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town.

Release Year: 2014

Rating: 6.6/10 (516 voted)

Critic's Score: 36/100

Director: Ryan Gosling

Stars: Christina Hendricks, Iain De Caestecker, Matt Smith

"Lost River" is a dark fairy tale about love, family and the fight for survival in the face of danger. In the virtually abandoned city of Lost River, Billy (Christina Hendricks), a single mother of two, is led into a macabre underworld in her quest to save her childhood home and hold her family together. Her teenage son Bones (Iain De Casestecker) discovers a mystery about the origins of Lost River that triggers his curiosity and sets into motion an unexpected journey that will test his limits and the limits of those he loves.

Christina Hendricks - Billy
Iain De Caestecker - Bones
Saoirse Ronan - Rat
Matt Smith - Bully
Ben Mendelsohn - Dave
Eva Mendes - Cat
Reda Kateb - Cab Driver
Barbara Steele - Grandma
Landyn Stewart - Franky
Rob Zabrecky - MC
Shannon Plumb - Fanny
Torrey Wigfield - Face
Misty Robinette - Misty
Holly Schlegel - Holly
Thomas McDonald - Skip (as ''Skip' Thomas Pierre McDonald')


Official Website: Official site [Japan]

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 10 April 2015

Filming Locations: Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Did You Know?

At first, Belladonna should have been played by Karen Black. Unfortunately she died from cancer and then Barbara Steele had the role. See more »


User Review


Rating: 9/10

I saw this movie at the screening in Cannes. What a stunning directorial debut by Ryan Gosling. He has learned a lot from Wing Refn. The movie grasps you from the start, and doesn't let go until the very end.

The scenes were utterly visual, complex with a vivacious nature and astonishing narrative character and composition. Mr Gosling shows his true creative colors as he blend scene into scene with paramount thoroughness. My projection is that this movie will get an Oscar nod at least. In my humble opinion, Ryan Gosling is a profound filmmaker, with a beautiful future to come.

The actors are well cast. The chemistry between the two main protagonists is unique and brutal. Christina Hendrix once again shows us what she can do with her youthful enthusiasm. Without giving away any spoilers, I will predict she will make you cry.

Lost River is a masterpiece.


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