Muppet Treasure Island

February 16th, 1996


Muppet Treasure Island

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Muppet Treasure IslandMuppet Treasure IslandMuppet Treasure IslandMuppet Treasure IslandMuppet Treasure IslandStill of Kevin Bishop in Muppet Treasure Island

The Muppets' twist on the classic tale.

Release Year: 1996

Rating: 6.6/10 (8,258 voted)

Director: Brian Henson

Stars: Tim Curry, Kevin Bishop, Billy Connolly

The muppets are back into action in another movie based on a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Kermit the Frog and his colleagues go on a warfare against ruthless pirates. They also share their problem-solving journey on sea to rescue a treasure.

Writers: Robert Louis Stevenson, Jerry Juhl

Tim Curry - Long John Silver
Kevin Bishop - Jim Hawkins
Billy Connolly - Billy Bones
Jennifer Saunders - Mrs. Bluberidge
Dave Goelz - The Great Gonzo / Dr. Bunsen Honeydew / Waldorf / Zoot (voice) (as The Great Gonzo)
Steve Whitmire - Kermit the Frog / Rizzo the Rat / Beaker / Bean Bunny / Rat (uncredited) (voice) (as Kermit the Frog & Rizzo the Rat)
Jerry Nelson - Blind Pew / Mad Monty / Statler / Corn / Floyd Pepper / Lew Zealand / Pirate / Robin the Frog / Skulls / Butler / Screaming Cat (voice)
Kevin Clash - Bad Polly / Spa'Am / Black Dog / Chicken / Fozzie Bear (assistant) (uncredited) / Lolleyed Pike (uncredited) / Miss Piggy (assistant) (uncredited) / Monkey (uncredited) / Pirate (uncredited) / Real Old Tom (uncredited) / Sam Eagle (assistant) (uncredited) (voice)
Bill Barretta - Clueless Morgan / Blind Pew (hands) / Dr. Teeth (uncredited) / Pirate (uncredited) / Pig (uncredited) / Rowlf (uncredited) / Skulls (uncredited) / Swedish Chef (uncredited) / Black Eyed Pea (voice)
John Henson - Sweetums (voice)
Frank Oz - Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear / Sam the Eagle / Animal / George (voice) (as Miss Piggy)
Danny Blackner - Short Stack Stevens
Peter Geeves - Black Eyed Pea
Harry Jones - Easy Pete
David Nicholls - Captain Flint

Taglines: Set sail for Muppet mayhem!


Official Website: Disney [United States] | |

Release Date: 16 February 1996

Filming Locations: London, England, UK

Gross: $33,609,000 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Brian Henson said that Frank Oz was not originally a fan of Fozzie Bear's "Mr. Bimble" (the man who lived inside of Fozzie's finger). However, by the end of filming, Oz decided that it was one of his favorite jokes.

Continuity: Big Fat Ugly Bug-Faced Baby-Eating O'Brian (Ellis Flyte), one of the most recognizable and distinctive members of the crew, is never seen nor mentioned after roll call.

Jim Hawkins: Here you go, your bread and water for the day.
Mad Monty: But I ordered shrimp scampi!
Long John Silver: It's more than y'deserve y'villainous dolts!

User Review

Yo ho ho and a bottle!

Rating: 10/10

Although this film has taken quite a beating since its release, I fail to understand why. The songs are catchy, the script is hilarious, and the performances are stellar.

Let's start with the music. Whether it's the wonderfully fun "Cabin Fever," the touching "Love Led Us Here," or another one of the wide array of tunes, nobody can say that they are inferior to any other Muppets melodies.

The script is full of one liners and clever dialogue that never grows old, delivered by a cast and vocal talents who are incredibly talented. Tim Curry, sinister and wonderful as ever, plays Long John Silver to perfection. Billy Connolly is also worth mentioning, despite his brief appearance in the film. And young Jim Hawkins is just as he should be, albeit surrounded by a crew of muppet pirates.

This is my favorite Muppet film, and I think everybody should give it a try and embrace a different sort of humor-filled extravaganza.


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