Mystic Pizza

October 21st, 1988


Mystic Pizza

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Still of Julia Roberts and Annabeth Gish in Mystic PizzaStill of Julia Roberts in Mystic PizzaStill of Julia Roberts and Adam Storke in Mystic PizzaStill of Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor and Annabeth Gish in Mystic PizzaStill of Julia Roberts and Annabeth Gish in Mystic PizzaStill of Vincent D'Onofrio and Lili Taylor in Mystic Pizza

Three teenage girls come of age while working at a pizza parlor in Mystic Connecticut.

Release Year: 1988

Rating: 6.0/10 (10,015 voted)

Critic's Score: 60/100

Director: Donald Petrie

Stars: Annabeth Gish, Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor

Sisters Kat and Daisy work along with Jojo at the pizza parlour in Mystic, Connecticut. Kat, shortly off to Yale, finds herself drawn to a local architect she is babysitting for, while her more tearaway sister starts dating a guy from the money side of the tracks. Jojo leaves her man at the altar; she loves him but shies away from commitment. Meanwhile the fame of the pizza continues to spread; it seems to contain something almost ..... mystic.

Writers: Amy Holden Jones, Amy Holden Jones

Annabeth Gish - Kat Arujo
Julia Roberts - Daisy Arujo
Lili Taylor - Jojo
Vincent D'Onofrio - Bill (as Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio)
William R. Moses - Tim Travers
Adam Storke - Charles Gordon Windsor, Jr.
Conchata Ferrell - Leona
Joanna Merlin - Mrs. Arujo
Porscha Radcliffe - Phoebe Travers
Arthur Walsh - Manny
John Fiore - Jake
Gene Amoroso - Mr. Barboza
Sheila Ferrini - Mrs. Barboza
Janet Zarish - Nicole Travers
Louis Turenne - Hector Freshette

Taglines: Discover a movie which hits home about love, friendship, dreams and life. A movie that you'll be talking about long afterwards. Experience something special, something romantic, something honest.

Release Date: 21 October 1988

Filming Locations: Connecticut, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $6,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $1,163,939 (USA) (23 October 1988) (401 Screens)

Gross: $12,793,213 (USA)

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Did You Know?

This movie marks Matt Damon's feature film debut. Ben Affleck also auditioned for the role.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Charlie offers Daisy a beer while having dinner at his parent's house, she says, "No, thank you," but her mouth isn't actually moving.

[giving a pizza to Kat]
Daisy: Say hello to Mom for me.
Katherine: No, I'll be late for my interview.
Daisy: Well, then you better hurry!
Katherine: I've been three times this week.
Daisy: Four, and you go to Heaven.
[Kat leaves]
Daisy: Kat, such a good girl. Where did we go wrong with her sister Daisy?

User Review

One of my favorites

Rating: 10/10

What makes this movie so very charming is the incredible ensemble acting. Watch Vincent D'Onofrio in an early role, as well as Julia Roberts. Annabeth Gish is completely enchanting as Kat, and William R. Moses very believable as the flirting husband. Most wonderful, however, is Lili Taylor as JoJo. Sometimes known as the queen of B movies (I think that was Ebert's title), here she shows the range and talent that indicate she deserves superstardom.

Unlike the misleading re-release that features Julia's face prominently, this is NOT a star vehicle, but depends on the interaction of all the players. A wonderful coming-of-age film that has been one of my favorites for 15 years.


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