Naked Weapon

November 15th, 2002


Naked Weapon

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A mysterious woman, known as Madame M, kidnaps forty pre-teen girls and transports them to a remote island to train them as the most deadly assassins...

Release Year: 2002

Rating: 5.6/10 (3,656 voted)

Director: Siu-Tung Ching

Stars: Marit Thoresen, Almen Wong Pui-Ha, Daniel Wu

A mysterious woman, known as Madame M, kidnaps forty pre-teen girls and transports them to a remote island to train them as the most deadly assassins. CIA operative Jack Chen follows the case for 6 years with no leads, but when a series of assassinations begin to occur, Jack suspects that Madame M is back in business.

Marit Thoresen - Fiona Birch
Almen Wong Pui-Ha - Madam M (as Almen Wong)
Daniel Wu - Jack Chen
Natalie Kyoko Waters - Little Katherine (as Kai Yan Kwok)
Renee Nichole Rommeswinkel - Escape Girl 2
Chia-li Mo - Little Jing (as Mo Ka Lai)
Augustin Aguerreberry - Drillmaster
Maggie Q - Charlene Ching
Anya - Katherine
Jewel Lee - Jing
Monica Lo - Student murdered in Cage
Keung-Kuen Lai - Tattooed Yakuza Boss
Pei-pei Cheng - Faye Ching
Dennis Chan - Mr. Chan
Andrew Lin - Ryuichi

Taglines: They will seduce you - just before they kill you!


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Release Date: 15 November 2002

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Did You Know?

Mark Aldred, who played the Russian crime boss (uncredited) was fired from his job as an English teacher in a Hong Kong primary school because the principal had discovered his role in this film. After a lengthy hearing, an industrial tribunal awarded Aldred HK$11,600 as a contract gratuity. However, it threw out his claim for around $79,000 in damages and dismissed Aldred's claims that his sacking was unlawful.

Continuity: Charlene and Jack are kissing by the water and Charlene is pulling her shirt up. You can clearly see that she is wearing a bra (also later you can see her bra through the wet shirt). But when she finally does take the shirt all off, she isn't wearing a bra anymore.

User Review

Male fantasy kung-fu. Great fun!

Rating: 8/10

A word of warning: don't see this expecting intellectually challenging cinema. Naked Weapon is any man's wet dream- gorgeous female assassins go to exotic locations and take out high profile baddies (with mandatory sexy dancing before the kill).

The action might seem a bit tame for hardcore kung-fu fans (lots of wires and floaty camera moves disguise lack of fighting talent on the actors' parts), but for those of who just want to see some mindless violence, it does the job nicely. Unfortunately the plot has no direction (one set piece after another), and the dialogue is laughably bad. Thankfully, the cheesy lines are so bad they are actually quite entertaining, and blend in nicely with the whole B-movie feel of the film.

Far better than I expected- slick and escapist scenarios, high production values, and the action is great fun. I must however warn potential viewers that Daniel Wu is unspeakably bad as the earnest CIA guy on the tail of the killers- all he has to do is fill the audience in on the plot every now and again and get his ass kicked once. How hard can that be? Anyway, he messes that up nicely.

To conclude, Naked Weapon is the perfect film if you've been out drinking, come home at about 2.00 in the morning, and want to see a film where brain power is not expected from the audience. Two thumbs up!


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