Shaolin Soccer

July 12th, 2001


Shaolin Soccer

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Still of Stephen Chow in Shaolin SoccerStill of Stephen Chow in Shaolin SoccerStill of Stephen Chow in Shaolin SoccerStill of Stephen Chow in Shaolin SoccerStill of Stephen Chow in Shaolin SoccerStill of Stephen Chow in Shaolin Soccer

A young Shaolin follower reunites with his discouraged brothers to form a soccer team using their martial art skills to their advantage.

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 7.3/10 (30,104 voted)

Critic's Score: 68/100

Director: Stephen Chow

Stars: Stephen Chow, Wei Zhao, Yut Fei Wong

After a fateful mistake costing his career, an ex-soccer player bum meets a shaolin kung fu student trying to spread the word of kung fu. The ex-soccer player helps reconcile with his five brothers, and teaches them soccer, adding shaolin kung fu as a twist.

Writers: Stephen Chow, Kan-Cheung Tsang

Stephen Chow - Mighty Steel Leg Sing
Man Tat Ng - Golden Leg Fung (as Ng Man Tat)
Wei Zhao - Mui
Yin Tse - Team Evil Coach Hung (as Patrick Tse Yin)
Hui Li - Banana Peel Girl
Cecilia Cheung - Team Moustache Player 1
Karen Mok - Team Moustache Player 2
Vincent Kok - Team Puma Leader
Kai Man Tin - Iron Shirt Tin (Third Brother)
Chi Chung Lam - Light Weight (Small Brother)
Kwok-Kwan Chan - Lightning Hands (Fourth Brother)
Mei Lin Mo - Hooking Leg
Ming Ming Zhang - Little Hung
Pu Ye Dong - Little Fung
Shi Zi Yun - Team Evil Center

Taglines: Get ready to kick some grass!


Official Website: U333 [Hong Kong] | [France] |

Release Date: 12 July 2001

Filming Locations: Shanghai, China

Opening Weekend: €336,463 (Italy) (13 April 2003) (98 Screens)

Gross: $50,000,000 (Hong Kong) (1 August 2001)

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | Hong Kong: (DVD version)  | USA:  | Argentina:

Did You Know?

This was the most successful Hong Kong-made movie ever in Hong Kong, making HK$60 million (about US$4.7 million) at the local box office.

Sing: Phone home like ET, Mui. You don't belong on Earth.

User Review

Best sports comedy ever?

Rating: 10/10

Wow, I was really surprised by this movie. It is totally unique, I've never seen anything else like it. There is a very charming love story, and the effects are really cool. The idea of combining kung fu with soccer is very original.... even though it's so bizarre, you'll find yourself asking why nobody has done anything like this before. I laughed constantly throughout this movie and went out and bought it a few days after I first saw it.

I would recommend it to everyone I know. This is the best Asian comedy since the heyday of Jackie Chan and "Fighting Benny"! Go see it, buy it, whatever, just make sure you do see this film.

I would be surprised if there is not a sequel. This film should have been released theatrically in the US; I've heard Miramax handled it. Sorry guys you lost millions of dollars, this film would have been a smash hit. They probably just didn't think that soccer would sell in America, but word of mouth would have sold this movie very well.


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