The Sentinel

April 21st, 2006


The Sentinel

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Still of Kim Basinger and Michael Douglas in The SentinelStill of Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and Eva Longoria in The SentinelStill of Kiefer Sutherland and Eva Longoria in The SentinelStill of Eva Longoria in The SentinelStill of Michael Douglas in The SentinelStill of Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland in The Sentinel

A secret service agent is framed as the mole in an assassination attempt on the president. He must clear his name and foil another assassination attempt while on the run from a relentless FBI agent.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 6.0/10 (28,690 voted)

Critic's Score: 48/100

Director: Clark Johnson

Stars: Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger

Special Agent Pete Garrison is convinced that a Neo-Nazi Aryan Disciple has managed to infiltrate the White House. When a White House Agent is murdered, Garrison is framed and blackmailed over an affair with the First Lady Sarah Ballentine. He is relieved of his duties, but Garrison won't stop in trying to prove his innocence, and save the life of the President. While attempting to uncover the person behind it all, he comes into confrontation with his protege, Agent Breckinridge.

Writers: George Nolfi, Gerald Petievich

Michael Douglas - Pete Garrison
Kiefer Sutherland - David Breckinridge
Eva Longoria - Jill Marin
Martin Donovan - William Montrose
Ritchie Coster - The Handler
Kim Basinger - 1st Lady Sarah Ballentine
Blair Brown - National Security Advisor
David Rasche - President Ballentine
Kristin Lehman - Cindy Breckinridge
Raynor Scheine - Walter Xavier
Chuck Shamata - Director Overbrook
Paul Calderon - Deputy Director Cortes
Clark Johnson - Charlie Merriweather (as Clarque Johnson)
Raoul Bhaneja - Aziz Hassad
Yanna McIntosh - Teddy Vargas

Taglines: In 141 years, there's never been a traitor in the Secret Service.... Until Now.


Official Website: Twentieth Century Fox [France] | Twentieth Century Fox [United States] |

Release Date: 21 April 2006

Filming Locations: Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA

Opening Weekend: $14,367,854 (USA) (23 April 2006) (2822 Screens)

Gross: $36,279,230 (USA) (23 July 2006)

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | Philippines: (cut)

Did You Know?

In the behind-the-scenes featurette, the Secret Service consultant for the movie stated that 'Eva Longoria' far surpassed the other actors in "shooting school". In fact, he remarked that her score would beat about 90% of members of the Secret Service. Longoria mentioned that when she was younger she often accompanied her father to the gun range, so being around and handling guns wasn't new to her.

Errors in geography: When traveling to the school, the street signs are black and white. DC street signs are green and white.

David Breckinridge: Pete Garrison was my best friend. Until he slept with my wife

User Review

Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland go down a well worn road in a good movie that really should have gone straight to cable

Rating: 6/10

Michael Douglas is a secret service agent framed in a plot to kill the President of the US. Kiefer Sutherland is the agent on his tail.

Its not a bad movie its just been there done that with form over content film making. There is no real tension because the actors are in roles they've played a dozen or so times before (Sutherland in 24 each week)so you can pretty much walk them through whats happening.Thats the problem here, its all been done before, better.

The real question is: Do I really need to pay 10 bucks a head to see whats a essentially a big screen TV movie? I think not. As I said its not bad, its just not worth running out to the theater to see. Wait for cable where this movie really belongs.


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