January 19th, 2001



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Still of Clifton Collins Jr., Matthew Davis, Colin Farrell and Tom Guiry in TigerlandStill of Colin Farrell in TigerlandChristina Ricci at event of TigerlandStill of Matthew Davis and Colin Farrell in TigerlandStill of Joel Schumacher and Colin Farrell in TigerlandStill of Matthew Davis and Colin Farrell in Tigerland

A group of recruits go through Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana's infamous Tigerland, last stop before Vietnam for tens of thousands of young men in 1971.

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 7.1/10 (20,577 voted)

Critic's Score: 55/100

Director: Joel Schumacher

Stars: Colin Farrell, Matthew Davis, Clifton Collins Jr.

In September 1971, a platoon of recruits arrives in Ft. Polk, LA, for infantry training before leaving for war. The final week takes place in Tigerland, a swamp similar to Vietnam. Jim Paxton has enlisted; he wants to experience everything and write books later. He befriends Roland Bozz, a cool Texan with a gift for getting into trouble and for helping misfits get discharges. At least one sociopath in the platoon hates Bozz, even as the sergeants grudgingly recognize his leadership abilities. As the platoon heads into its week in Tigerland, Paxton's body gives out, Bozz makes plans to go AWOL, and the sociopath gets hold of live ammo. Is the Louisiana swamp more dangerous than the DMZ?

Writers: Ross Klavan, Michael McGruther

Colin Farrell - Pvt. Roland Bozz
Matthew Davis - Pvt. Jim Paxton
Clifton Collins Jr. - Pvt. Miter
Tom Guiry - Pvt. Cantwell (as Thomas Guiry)
Shea Whigham - Pvt. Wilson
Russell Richardson - Pvt. Johnson
Nick Searcy - Capt. Saunders
Afemo Omilami - SFC Ezra Landers
James MacDonald - Staff Sgt. Thomas (as James McDonald)
Keith Ewell - Sgt. Oakes
Matt Gerald - Sgt. Eveland
Stephen Fulton - Sgt. Drake
Tyler Cravens - M.P. Sergeant
Michael Edmiston - Hit the Brakes! Driver
Arian Waring Ash - Sheri (as Arian Ash)

Taglines: The system wanted them to become soldiers. One soldier just wanted to be human.


Official Website: Regency Entertainment / Monarchy Enterprises |

Release Date: 19 January 2001

Filming Locations: Camp Blanding, Starke, Florida, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $10,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $26,715 (USA) (8 October 2000) (5 Screens)

Gross: $139,500 (USA) (1 January 2001)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?

The actors had no trailers, make-up artists, hairstylists, chairs or any of the typical luxuries.

Crew or equipment visible: When Bozz fights with Wilson in the barracks, kneepads can be seen under the stretched material of Wilson's fatigues. Elbow pads can also be seen on Wilson's left elbow through his open sleeve.

[first lines]
Paxton: [voice-over] My father said the army makes all men one, but you never know which one. He didn't know Roland Bozz.

User Review

Not really a war movie.

Rating: 9/10

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but it is nothing new.

Everyone here is grouping it with other war movies, this movie has been miscategorized! Its not a war movie any more than "One flew over the cuckoos nest" is a asylum movie or "Cool Hand Luke" is a prison movie. This is a movie about individuality, nonconformity, self-confidence and the costs of that personality type.

The plot is the same as "One flew over the Cuckoos nest" and "Cool Hand Luke", its in GOOD company, and it holds its own. Its these movies it should be held up against and compared, not "Apocalypse Now" or "Platoon".



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