Universal Soldier: The Return

August 20th, 1999


Universal Soldier: The Return

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Still of Jean-Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier: The ReturnUniversal Soldier: The ReturnUniversal Soldier: The ReturnUniversal Soldier: The ReturnJean-Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier: The ReturnJean-Claude Van Damme stars as Luc Devereaux

The "universal soldiers" must fight the whole army. When the military's supercomputer S.E.T.H gets out of control

Release Year: 1999

Rating: 3.6/10 (13,017 voted)

Critic's Score: 24/100

Director: Mic Rodgers

Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bill Goldberg, Heidi Schanz

Luc Devereaux, the only surviving member of the original Universal Soldier Team. He now works with Dylan Cotner, on a project to create and improve a new Universal Soldier. Their plan is for the Universal soldier or UNISOLS to be controlled by a computer they call SETH. When the government decides to terminate the project, which includes shutting down SETH. SETH, not wanting this to happen, takes steps to prevent this. He first kills Dylan. He then has himself transfered into a body. He then seeks out Luc Devereaux, who is the only person who knows the code that will stop his program from being deleted. So he sends out all the UNISOLS to get him. Luc must try and stay away until SETH program is deleted. But SETH has targeted his daughter as possible leverage.

Writers: Richard Rothstein, Christopher Leitch

Jean-Claude Van Damme - Luc Deveraux
Michael Jai White - S.E.T.H.
Heidi Schanz - Erin Young, KTXD
Xander Berkeley - Dr. Dylan Cotner
Justin Lazard - Captain Blackburn
Kiana Tom - Maggie
Daniel von Bargen - General Radford
James Black - Sergeant Morrow
Karis Paige Bryant - Hillary Deveraux
Bill Goldberg - Romeo / UniSol 2500
Brent Anderson - Technician #2
Brent Hinkley - Squid
Woody Watson - RL Gate Guard
Jacqueline Klein - Betty Wilson
Maria Arita - Kitty Anderson, KTXO

Taglines: Prepare to become obsolete

Release Date: 20 August 1999

Filming Locations: 3458 Old Buena Vista Rd, Waxahachie, Texas, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $24,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $224,000 (France) (14 July 1999) (350 Screens)

Gross: $19,912,120 (Worldwide) (10 November 2000)

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Did You Know?

Certain subterranean scenes were filmed in Texas in the tunnels dug for the US' Superconducting Supercollider project. After the project was canceled in 1993, the tunnels were used as storage by Ellis County.

Factual errors: When the soldiers are setting up the bomb in the generator room. You can clearly see that the bomb is a c-4 bomb. Later in the scene one of the soldiers accidentally shoots the bomb and it explodes. C-4 does not explode when shot. C-4 only explodes when the detonator is triggered.

[during a training exercise in the swamp, Luc and Maggie look back and see a UniSol waterskiing off the back of their boat]
Maggie: [clearly impressed] He's good.
Luc Deveraux: [clearly unimpressed] He's stupid.
[Luc cuts the line and the UniSol falls into the river]

User Review

Gotta love it


This movie is just so bad it's good! The acting may look a bit "forced" at times (ok, perhaps "painfully horrible" would be a better expression) but really folks... did you honestly expect an award winning performance from Van Damme or Goldberg? I don't know about you all, but I rented this movie to see Van Damme trade punches with the 290 pound Goldberg and Michael Jai White while uttering dozens of slightly pathetic/slightly amusing one liners at every conceivable opportunity, and I got just what I asked for =)

If you don't like it... tough.

Go rent "The Piano" or "Lawn Dogs" if you want real movies, but if you just want Van Damme brawling with big guys plus some shots of pretty girls, this is just what the doctor ordered.

One of my favourites.


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